How'd I Get HERE ?????

Sorry to have slammed your town. Memphis was MY Personal Individual Hellhole when I lived there … an extremely psychotic alcoholic latched onto me and stalked me. Which is way I absconded to Alaska Without Thinking Clearly.

And I LIKE snow! There’s certainly plenty in Chicago. I remember when Memphis was Iced Down once (early 990’s, I think), and I couldn’t get out of my driveway, much less go anywhere for two days. Nobody else could, either! No snowplows, no sand trucks, no HEAT. The lines were down. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr :slight_smile:

OK, I promise. I’m thru ranting for the day.

Hey, look out the window right now: beautiful, clear, sunny skys after a day of bad wind and driving rain. A lovely fall day. Of course, tomorrow will probably suck…

I used to live in Anchorage, too. :slight_smile:

If the man had married me, I’d still be living there. :frowning:

I miss it! I keep looking up for aurora here, and I don’t see any… No termination dust on the Chugach mountains… no moose in the back yard… No astonishing, amazing, astounding beauty. Oh, it’s pretty enough here, but Alaska… damn.

Lucky you, and happy birthday!

I just have to know - Can you see Russia from your bathroom?