Movie Dialog Snipets in Music Collection?

Hey Audiophiles, and others,

I, er, a FRIEND, has a mess of movie dialog snipets in his mp3 collection and he called me on the phone to find out how to catorgize them.

Say, just for an example, he had an mp3 of Lumberg reminding Peter of the new procedure with TPS reports from the movie, Office Space.

I put title, “TPS Reports.” I put author/artist, “Office Space Movie Dialog”

What would you do?


p.s. Yeaaahhh, we have a bit of a problem here? You see…

The Apollo 13 soundtrack has some clips of dialog, and the tracks are labeled with short descriptions: “One Small Step,” “Launch Control”, etc., and the names of the actors in the clip.

(It’s really flipping annoying, too, because the voices overlap the music a bit, so you can either listen to all the tracks in order, with the talking, or listen to just the music tracks, with abrupt and unpleasant transistions. A friend of mine made a copy of a promotional CD she had with just the orchestral score (some of the tracks are extended, too) but I only have it on MiniDisc. sigh)