Movie help please

Old lady in a car wondering just who did shoot the deputy. I suspect I’ll have an answer in about 15 seconds.

Would u believe 15 minutes?

This is driving me nuts. The song was playing over an hour ago and it got me wondering about this scene so I asked my fiance and he can’t remember either. My sister said Drowning Mona but neither of us has seen that and we both know we’ve scene the movie this scene is from.

I say it was a batty old woman in a car on the way to a funeral. He says it was a batty old woman in a car on a way to a funeral with her granddaughter. Other than that, we’ve both got nothing.

Stabbing in the dark…

Family Plot? (Hitchcock)
Harold and Maude?

What time period are we talking about?

Nope, nope, and not a clue though I suspect late 80’s to mid 90’s. The movie was a comedy (I’m 99% certain of this).

Hrmm drawing a blank, and Google’s being no help. Any other clues?

Not at the moment. I’m certain I only saw the movie once and I’m pretty sure that scene was the only part that made me laugh. It’s just a feeling I have. I could be completely wrong though. :smack:

Another clue that just connected, I think…the song was “I Shot the Sheriff”?

It’s still not helping yet, but we’re getting there…

Yeah. That’s the song. The old woman is wondering who shot the deputy if he shot the sheriff but not the deputy.

Google’s spewing all kinds of info, none of it germane, most of it about Bob Marley. If I could just come up with the right search terms…

Sorry, I’m coming up with zippity doo dah…maybe somebody with a different POV can pick up on this.

Somebody else. I always assumed it was the butler.

This webpage from the IMDb gives 155 soundtrack credits for Bob Marley, 21 of which are for “I Shot the Sheriff”:

It also might have been the Clapton version.


I Googled Imdb + quotes + “shot the deputy”

Passed Away starred Bob Hoskins, and an otherwise less-than-stellar cast, except for Maureen Stapleton who played Mary Scanlon.

Bravo! :slight_smile:

Oh my god thank you!! It was still bugging me today!! It never occurred to me to search that way. Every time I tried to google something like movie quote + shot the deputy, I’d get news articles about some woman telling a deputy, “no wonder you people get shot”.

What annoys me about this is that my fiance did say he thought it was Maureen Stapleton and it rang a bell for me as well but we still couldn’t find it.