Movie ID: comedy western, one wagon tries to form a circle

From Colibri’s comment here:

“(you can’t really circle two wagons)”

I instantly remembered a scene from some movie, a comedy Western in the Blazing Saddles* mould, where one wagon tries to form a circle. There’s a shot of it running around in a small circle.

I think it was one of a larger number of wagons, but was ostracised from the main group for some reason.

*I don’t *think *it was Blazing Saddles, but perhaps it was.

This is really bugging me. I remember the scene, but I can’t recall the film.
also, there doesn’t seem to be a **Circle The Wagons **page in TVTropes. Let’s start one. Suggestions for entries, please.

Actually, that was Blazing Saddles. Remember? “The white people wouldn’t let us join they’re circle, so we made our own!”

When they made Blazing Saddles, they broke the mold.

Umm, wasn’t that actually in Blazing Saddles?

It’s when Bart is telling the Waco Kid how his family migrated to the west. The white folks wouldn’t let them join their circle, so they had to make a circle by themselves.

When the Indian chief (played by Mel Brooks) sees them he says something like, “Hey, they’re darker than we are. Let them pass.”

Ah, that’d be it then. Thanks, people.
And entries for the TV tropes page, anyone?