movie ID: men (and cat) fighting behind x-ray screen?

I remember seeing a movie in the theater as a child (say, mid-late-70’s-ish) and being disturbed by a scene in which two guys are fighting behind an x-ray screen. It was freaky. Fighting skeletons. And I recall there was a cat that got into it somehow, adding an also-freaky cat skeleton into the mix. (I’m sure it was actually not freaky at all, but it made quite an impression on me as a child and the image is rather burned into my brain.) But I’m not sure what movie it was. I thought it was Gus (the one about the mule that kicks the football), but it doesn’t really seem to fit.

Can anybody help me out here?

The Cat From Outer Space?

I vote for The Cat from Outer Space too. I haven’t seen it in years, but it’s the first thing that popped into my head when I moused over the thread, before I read Terminus Est’s reply. It was the very first movie I saw in the theater, when I was about 18 months old – though my actual memory of it comes from seeing it on video much later. :slight_smile: