Movie(s) you saw that you're pretty sure nobody else has seen

Yellowneck (1955) is one that I saw as a teen that still haunts me to this day. Ever see it yourself?

YouTube has the entire movie (!) at

Any movie you think nobody else saw but you?

“Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors” - a Ukranian film that my friend & I saw at foreign film series at college. We loved it.

I saw Pi opening weekend in a very small theater, way, way back before anyone had heard of Darren Aronofsky.

I know everyone knows the movie now, but when I saw it in the theater, nobody had heard of it.

Strangers of Mine. It was such an adorable movie, I wish I could see it again.

The Trap. Serbian, with subtitles.

Saw it at movie night at the local library. It is a remarkably good story of a desperate father offered a deal to commit a terrible crime for the money to save his son’s life.

Curiously, the family has recently started watching Smallville. We were a few episodes in when a local scientist showed up, and I started yelping “It’s the Brother from Another Planet”. Nobody knew what the hell I was talking about. I was so proud to be right.

Baby It’s You (Rosanna Arquette and Vincent Spano) and Belly of an Architect (Brian Dennehy). Sorry, can’t do links on my iPad, but these two movies were teenage faves. Haven’t heard of either of them since.

a forgotten Polish gem

Must Read After My Death

It had a great little festival run, and it’s a pretty damn good movie. Unfortunately, it was overshadowed by Revolutionary Road, with which it shares a general premise and many thematic elements, only *MRAMD *is nonfiction.

I probably wouldn’t have known it existed, much less seen it, if it hadn’t been made by my (step)brother. But I’d love it as a film even if I didn’t know some of the people in it.

“Margaret’s Museum” - Surreal and creepy and somehow very fascinating.

Masters of Menace


No one here even acknowledges its existence.

I guess you mean “no-one else here” rather than “no-one else at all”? Anyway here are some old Australian films from back when we had a proper film industry:

Stork (1971) - good fun farce; early work from Jacki Weaver, now getting some US attention in Animal Kingdom and 5 Year Engagement. Stars Bruce Spence, the gyrocopter pilot from the Mad Max films, and much later the Mouth of Sauron.
Attack Force Z (1982) starring Mel Gibson and Sam Neill. A group of Australian commandos launch a secret mission against Japanese forces in World War II.
They’re a Weird Mob (1966) starring no-one you’ve ever heard of (unless you are Australian) from the ‘classic’ Australian comedic novel of the same name, which no doubt you’ve also never heard of unless you’
re Australian.
Squeeze a Flower (1970), the follow-up to TaWM with much the same cast: “When greed threatens the livelihood of an Italian monastery, a monk flees [to Australia] with the formula for their special liquor.” Say no more. Please.
The Nickel Queen (1971) starring Googie Withers, Alfred Sandor (!), and John Laws (!!!) as the world’s least authentic hippy. Hardly remember another thing about it, which is a good thing. Oh, the nickel involved is in a mine, not someone’s pocket.
Age of Consent (1969) with James Mason and Helen Mirren in her first role. She is utterly ravishing and nearly naked for most of the movie, aside from that a fairly embarrassing effort.
The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972). An attempt to convert Barry Humphries’ classic satire to film, only patchily effective. With a remarkable cast including Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, and Humphries himself as an early (pre-Dame) Edna Everage. Mainly included here because of the sequel:
Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (1974), which was just plain embarrassing. Does get Donald Pleasence involved somehow, I forget.
The Cars That Ate Paris (1974), a kind of horror/thriller from Peter Weir. The Paris in the title is a small village in Australia, just in case you were thinking we’d managed to get over ourselves by this point. Stars Bruce Spence again.
(20th Century) Oz - a Rock’n’Roll Road Movie (1976). Mostly notable from being the story of the Wizard of Oz transferred to Australia, with rock music and a lot of drugs and (implied) sex. Pretty distasteful by today’s standards, IIRC ‘Dorothy’ is a 16yo groupie. 'nuff said.
Dimboola (1976). Hit Australian play transferred to film. Actually quite a good comedy, with Bruce Spence yet again.

I ran out of patience about here. No wonder we have no local film industry to speak of.

Kisses on a Train, a 1994 short feature by Dinaz Stafford. Won a Grand Prix. Unforgettable.

The Music Of Chance. A pretty good movie that’s well acted but seems to be forgotten.

Also, The Gong Show Movie. Jaye P. Morgan’s tits!

Phase 4 - An ants will take over the world movie. In the theater no less!
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry - Some kind of outlaw buddy movie with cars and sex. About a zillion times on HBO in the early days (mid-70s), when they still had dead air time between movies.

Moment by Moment - A really horrible movie even by bad John Travolta movie standards (and those are really low standards). It was never released on any home viewing format - Laserdisc, Betamax, VHS, DVD, BluRay - but I saw it on HBO back around 1979.

Helden in Tirol - Just nuts.

Stanley. Revenged crazed due kills people with snakes. My mum thought it was a disney, and took my birthday party.