Movie Question- The Accountant

Excellent film, but I have two questions:

[spoiler]1. The press conference at which the solving of a crime was being touted by the authorities. With the Accountant riding off into the sunset, what crime was solved? By my way of thinking a press conference like that wouldn’t be held without an apprehension.

  1. Was it pure coincidence the brothers found themselves in their respective roles/occupations?[/spoiler]


I have edited your post to include spoilers since it seems those things might be spoilers.

  1. No apprehension. Just that with the murders of the corporate management likely criminal activity had come to light and was being investigated. The Accountant made sure the feds knew where to look to discover it. I don’t know if that was necessary for the story but it part of boosting the new agents career to be in position to do something later. And with such prominent murders I’m sure a press conference would be warranted even without anybody to arrest (I’m not sure there is anybody to arrest but there is a company to be fully brought down).

  2. To a degree apparently. Dad trained them both to be military (or paramilitary) but Affleck only got into the accounting after ending up in prison. Presumably if things hadn’t gone sideways at the funeral Affleck would have remained in the military and eventually become Jack Reacher.

Could you stick in a few blank lines? Unfortunately in mouseover I unwittingly, and unwillingly, saw what I guess is the twist at the end.

I’ve just seen the film and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Despite enjoying the film, it seems to me that there’s been a lot left on the cutting-room floor. Really the whole police side could have been completely cut.

And I think obfusciatrist has things the wrong way around: the accountant came to be in Leavenworth because he was captured along with a terrorist, not because he was military.

My take on these questions:

  1. I thought the Accountant told the Feds about the stock manipulation scheme. The deaths and shoot-out at the house ensure it’s a high-profile case, but stock manipulation on that scale are very likely to require collusion of multiple company employees. There’s a good chance that not all of these employees are dead… at the very least, the FBI is going to investigate to be sure. It’s entirely possible that there’s an independent accounting firm (to provide outside audits of financials) and an independent bank (to underwrite and offer the stock to the public). If so, both would have to be investigated to see if they had any collusion or negligence.

  2. Since the brothers received similar training from their father and were apparently similar in talent, I figure they’re part of a relatively small pool of bad-asses for hire. Maybe there’s a thousand guys in the whole world in that pool, so the odds of any two crossing paths at some time during their careers is not too unlikely. It’s not guaranteed that they follow a similar career arc or meet up in this way, but I’m willing to give it a pass for the sake of the plot.