Movie Review: Life

Saw this movierecently on Netflix.

Dang its scary. Its about them bringing back soil samples from Mars and this lifeform grows out of it and gets out of control.

I love this type of sci fi - REAL science, not the lasers and hyperspace stuff. The astronauts float around the ISS realistically and the whole thing just seems so real.

I highly recommend it.

I respectfully disagree. Poorly conceived, poorly written and poorly presented I hated this movie so much that afterward I took a picture of myself giving the bird to the movie poster. One more attempt to recreate the Alien vibe it could have been called ‘people being dumb’ and saved people time and money.

I swear to God, I think Highlander 2 was a better movie.

Yes, their was a bit of “Alien” in it. And the writing could have been better.

As for “real science”, does the movie preserve conservation of mass/energy? As in, is all the growth of the alien accounted for from stuff it ate? (The Alien movies don’t do this.)

I hoped it would be good, alas… we were streaming it when we lost internet connection with maybe a half-hour to go, no one bothered to mention finishing it when connection was back up the next day.

Sort of. It grew in a petri dish filled with nutrients. Then it started eating people.