Movie scenes / plots that you've never understood

I always took this to mean that when Luke’s father took to the dark side and became Darth Vader, in effect, he HAD killed Luke’s father. The good guy had turned into a bad guy, so the bad guy “killed” the good guy. The good guy was no more.

So if I take to a life of crime, by doing so, I’m “killing off” the Good ThelmaLou and replacing her with the Bad ThelmaLou (who, of course, will have to get a newer, badder name).

Did I belabor that too much?

I think it’s metaphorical. Those three movies have lots of deep symbolism. Just accept the duality of the two statements.

Does the plot of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington make any sense? Isn’t the truth of who owns the land going to come out whether Senator Smith filibusters or not? Why does it matter if he’s still doing it when the evidence is brought to light?

And in The Punishment of Anne, why did Jean start punishing Claire at the end?

I don’t believe Darth himself ever claimed he killed the main character’s father. That claim was made by another character, Ben Kenobi, who probably said this to inspire deep hatred and resentment in the main character for Vader.

At least you didn’t type “tractor” for “chancellor.”



The Skylark had neither positraction or independent suspension. She said the two American made cars in the sixties had both were the tempest the Corvette.

The nihilists were just trying to make a quick buck. They knew that Mrs.Leboski had taken off to without telling her husband were she was going. So they faked the kidnapping by cutting off the girlfriends toe.

So was The Big Lebowski a collaborator, or did he just not care?

I think of Anakin Skywalker as a good guy who had a dark side. Eventually the dark side, fed by power, began to take over; the new, one-sided person was Vader. Essentially two tendencies built into multiple personalities, one of which eventually subsumed the other.

@EvilCaptor Star Wars/Trek referential proximity violation. Seven point penalty. First Down.

Bunny was in on it. He just hoped she’d really been kidnapped. If he’d been working with the nihilists, they would have gone after him for the money instead of attacking The Dude, Donnie and Walter. And he doesn’t contradict The Dude’s version of the story either.

Here’s one that’s always bothered me from Beetlejuice:

When the new family moves in, Adam and Barbara try to scare them by pulling off their faces and staging a horrific tableau with her holding his severed head. They are not seen, because they’re ghosts.

Later, after meeting with their case worker, they’re told to scare off the family once and for all. They then show what they plan to do, which is make themselves into horrible looking creatures. But why should that work when they presumably still can’t be seen?

That 60 minute review of The Phantom Menace explains the plot problems very well.

How could anyone take this as anything but a joke is beyond me.

No, and that’s what Obi Wan explains to Luke when Luke asks him the same question.

And speaking of Thelmas, I never understood why Thelma and Louise decided they had to end it all. The one cop kept telling them that he knew they’d killed Brad Pitt in self defense, the guy even had a record or something right? So why not go ahead and go to trial? (I have always hated that movie for that, in my humble opinion, most women would be more practical, that’s more of a man “GERONIMO” thing to do).

I think it’s because at that point they had read some of the manual, had more experience as ghosts, etc…, so they knew how to “manifest” themselves properly.

Bunny was working with the nihilists, right?

I thought Bunny had no idea about the whole kidnapping plot.

this whole thread and nobody has mentioned the gassing scene in Goldfinger

I guess everyone has already given up on finding any sense in it

That’s my impression, as she doesn’t seem unhappy when scorching back into town in her convertible. If she was in on it and it fell through, I’d expect her to be pouting and pissy at that point.

She was still pretty cheerful after crashing said car into the estate’s fountain.

Of course, this was a bit before cell phones were so prevalent, so maybe she hadn’t yet gotten the news from Karl Hungus that the payoff hadn’t happened after all.

I concur with [bold]enalzi[/bold]. Bunny just took some money and took off to party. the BL thought he saw a chance to both get rid of bunny and get his hands on some more of his dead wife’s money by setting up the Dude give the kidnappers a bag with no money. If Walter had stayed out of it, the only difference would have been that the Dude would have thought he had given them the money. The nihilists still would have come after them. The BL still came out ahead. He got the money, he just didn’t get rid of Bunny.

At the beginning, the living family can’t see them, because they don’t believe in the supernatural. Lydia can see them, because she does believe in the supernatural. They can, however, manipulate things in the real world, including (apparently) possessing humans, which they do when they take over the dinner party and make everyone sing calypso songs. Having been confronted with clear evidence of the supernatural, the family can now see the ghosts as clearly as Lydia can.