Please Spoil the Movie "Cocktail" For Me

I fell asleep last night around the time when Tom Cruz’s character meets Elizabeth Shue in Jamaica and they start dating.


He cheats on her or something.

That guy from F/X commits suicide.

Cruise comes back to her.

She tells Daddy to fuck off and goes with Cruise.

The happy couple open their own bar and the Force manifestations of F/X guy and Obi Wan freak out everyone by haunting the bathroom.

Been a while since I’ve seen it. May have left out a thing or two…

You really want to know how it ends?

Cruise gets it on with Shue
His bartender buddy goads him into sleeping with some rich (and unattractive) woman
Shue sees this and walks away miffed
Cruise goes back to NY with rich, ugly chick and becomes her bitch
Cruise leaves her and tries to get Shue back
Turns out Shue is rich
Turns out he knocked her up - and she tells him to get lost
Cruise goes and works for his bartender buddy
Bartender buddy confieds that he is broke and kills himself
Cruise gets all mushy with Shue and they reconsile
Cruise opens his own bar

Oh, and Shue’s dad tries to buy Cruise off. In a very poignant (sarcasm) moment, he rips the cheque to shreds, throws it away and does some really lame speech about “and how much I care for you - well, we’ll never know, will we.” (she’s in the room too).

Awful movie. Top Gun seems good when comparing.

Thanks all. By the way, Mrs. Lucwarm wanted to stay and watch, and I told her – “I bet I know how it ends: He makes it big but learns what’s really important along the way.” So I wasn’t too far off :slight_smile: