Tom Cruising

The knowledge that Tom Cruise runs in almost every movie he makes is well-known.

However, i am wondering if anyone has watched EVERY movie he’s made and come up with a list of movies he hasn’t made a dash for it.

So I ask you dopers… Do you have any movie names that Tom Cruise hasn’t cruised?

Lions for Lambs
Tropic Thunder

I don’t think he runs in Rock of Ages

Born on the Fourth of July :wink:

He’s not doing handstands or going to 3D movies in Valkyrie, either.

Family Guy of course justifies his running by trying to escape his gay thoughts.

I’m pretty sure he runs in flashback sequences.

Jerry McGuire, maybe.

Cocktail (haven’t actually seen it).

I don’t remember any running in Magnolia.

I think he runs at the beginning to the dance to see Kyra Sedgwick.

Howabout Rain Man?

We need one where Tom Cruise doesn’t run and Sean Bean lives. What a movie that would be.

This is correct. He runs through the rain to get to the dance to dance with Sedgwick.

I am also pretty sure he runs in both Cocktail and Jerry McGuire, but I’m going to have to think about both movies to come up with the scenes.

I got Jerry M. Missed the edit.

He runs at the beginning of the movie, when he runs to the copy center in the rain.

He also runs through an airport scene. And he runs down to the field, I believe, when Cuba Gooding is hurt.

I don’t remember any running in Risky Business.

There are just some times when a man has to

(*from “Minority Report”)

He probably ran a bit to jump into that powerslide on the hardwood floor. :smiley:

He ran to catch the glass egg that Joey Pants throws across his lawn.

Interview with a Vampire, believe it or not. (You’d barely recognize him, actually)

This guy seems to have collected every example, though his Interview example is a stretch.

Here ya go!

According to the same link, he does run in Rock of Ages and Interview With AVampire. It’s sketchy though, because he only sprints briefly. Not his usual 100 yard dash through the rain.