Tom Cruise: Yay or Nay (or gay)?...

What are your opinions on the guy (movie-wise)?

I never really took notice of the guys roles until Jerry Maguire. After that, I’ve become a really big fan.

I think I can relate something of myself to each of his characters, and for some reason they always strike me.

My favourite was one of his latest roles, playing John Anderton in Minority Report. I think he brought this unbridled energy to the screen, very passionate about his work (as the chief of the pre-crime unit).

What do you guys think? He got class? People have this love-hate relationship with him I find. They either love his work - or think it’s flat out rubbish. Or they just hate the man.

Oh and please feel free to comment on his sexual orientation (and possible theories, however weird - I have nothing to do for the next ten minutes).

Whilst I’m on the topic - why is his real surname so weird - something like Thomas Napatha the IV? Origins?

I think he plays only one character (cocky good looking guy), but he plays it very well, rather like Jack Nicholson and Sean Connery. If he had any versatility I’m sure he’d have stretched by now, but apparently he doesn’t. It will be interesting to see if he keeps his career once his looks fade, though he’s 40 now and the fading ain’t that much so it could still be a while.

His birth name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, btw.

I’ve no idea as to his orientation; he says he’s straight and, since I don’t really think I have a chance with him either way (long distance relationships just don’t work), that’s enough for me. I know that his first ex-wife, Mimi Rogers, made some odd comments about when they were married to the effect of “he should have been a monk”, but whatever- his bidness.

I think he’s gay and his surname is remarkably apt.


I think he has only four facial expressons - happy, thinking, thinking with mouth downturned, uh, make that three facial expressions.

He’s a himbo, can’t act, but looks good.

I could care less about his sexuality.

I gave up watching his movies after Risky Business. I feel sorry for him having his life dragged into the tabloids.

Johnny-one-dimension and not too bright with it.

Hate him. I enjoyed Minority Report despite his presence. Just imagine how good a movie it could have been with a decent actor.

And don’t even start on the whole Scientology thing. But his sexuality is a matter of complete indefference to me.

He chose to be an actor. I’m not saying it’s right. It just is. Losing one’s privacy is an unfortunate side effect. My sympathy goes to his (or any other actor’s) children. They don’t have a choice.

Ok, now if he was just Joe Average and somehow, through no fault of his own, ended up being “dragged into the tabloids”, I would feel sorry for him. However, he is an actor. He chose to be a public figure, he’s well compenstated financially and he knew before he embarked on his career that a loss of privacy was inevitable if he was successful. So don’t waste too much sympathy for him in this regard. He chose fame and success over privacy and anonimity.

He’s straight. But it being Hollywood, there’s not a shred of doubt that certain agents and directors have propositioned him.

Nay. He’s bland and boring. And a $cientologist to boot.

Nicole did the right thing in leaving him.

So that means you missed the other four roles for which he received Golden Globe nominations, winning three. And for each of his wins he also was nominated for an Oscar.

Admittedly he is a scientologist and definitely unworthy of Nicole.

Like others have said…

He’s a scientologist.

One-dimensional acting.

That said, I can’t imagine certain characters as played by someone else.

I only enjoyed his acting in Austin Powers: Goldmember, as a parody of himself.

Otherwise, I think he is a one-dimensional actor: either charming, or tormented, or both.

Nay, I’d say. As others have pointed out, his looks are pretty damn bland. Which means that others could easily be mistaken for him, and I suspect that’s how the rumors got started. If I ever hear one that isn’t at least two degrees removed, I’ll reassess, but I’m not holding my breath.

I really don’t like him. I think he’s not very talented, and coasts on his looks. I think the female equivalent would be Julia Roberts, except I don’t even think she’s very pretty.

my opinion… gay.

I like many of his movies, however. He doesn’t bother me nearly as much as a number of other actors.

Scientology means as much to me as his sexual orientation. As long as he isn’t recruiting me, I could care less.

The only movie where I thought he gave a good performance was Rain Man. And it still wasn’t good enough to make me care about him one way or the other.

(I was one of the few people who actually kind of liked Eyes Wide Shut, but it wasn’t so much “starring Tom Cruise” as “despite Tom Cruise.”)

I think he’s a gay pedophile. I base this not on any “facts” or “knowledge”, but solely on his relationship with Penelope Cruz, who I think looks like a young Mexican boy. Or the main character from the Rankin/Bass “Little Drummer Boy” cartoon.

The only film I’ve liked him in is Risky Business. But then, I was 16 when it was released…

Otherwise, can’t stand him.

He’s never hit on me, so obviously he’s gay.

Sorry, he’s straight.
Morgainelf, I’ve hit on you several times and you never responded. Hey, now that I think of it, you were always with that woman with the short hair and the tennis racquet talking about dual overhead cams and flatbed trucks. What’s up with that?

Who ?

I’m pretty neutral - I like some of his movies, don’t like others, and generally don’t understand what all the fuss is about. And I never gave much thought to his sexuality, since I’m not dating him.