I don't think Tom Cruise is gay

I just saw a clip from the MTV movie awards where Katie Holmes was introducing Tom Cruise, and she had the look of a girl who’s getting rogered right properly, and I don’t have the faith in her acting abilities that she could fake that. Tom Cruise might like putting it into purty boys, but I don’t think he is exclusive if he does. I think he gives it to Katie Holmes and I think he does it well based on the look I just saw on her face.


Does anybody know the source of the Tom Cruise gay rumors? I’ve never heard of him being linked to any particular guy.

“Gay? I wish! If I were gay they’d be no problem! No, what I have is a romantic abnormality, one so unbelievable that it must be hidden from the public at all cost.”
----Troy Mclure

BrainGlutton, my understanding is that he declared is love for Katie Holmes very suddenly and very publicly, so people thought he was trying to over-compensate by a very strong show of straight-ness. Kind of a lame reason, actually, but there it is. At least, as I understand it.

What happened is that some tabloids printed various rumors saying Tom was gay back in the 80s. Now, this probably happens to every Hollywood actor, so no big deal, right?

Not according to Tom. He flipped out completely, filed a huge lawsuit, and continued to do so to anyone who even HINTED he might be less than 110% heterosexual. That combined with his Mimi Rodgers’s (first wife) comments that he refused to sleep with her, wanting to “keep his instrument pure”, being involved with Scientology (big secretive cult) and just his whole, “I’m so manly, how DARE you say otherwise” attitude, people thought there might be something there.

Now, my personal opinion is that he’s not gay, but he’s batshit insane, incredibly insecure, humorless and very tightly wound.

Nah, the rumors date back way before that – there was, for instance, the one about how he and Nicole Kidman, happily (sic) married at that time, had to have a coach come in and show them how to successfully portray sexual passion in Eyes Wide Shut – and I know that wasn’t the first time I’d heard it implied that he might not be quite as straight as an arrow.

I have wandered around the fringes of Hollywood all my life, and the gay rumors started right around the time he started getting work. Casting couches and all that.

It may just have been that he was willing to do anything to be famous.

The fact that Tom and Nicole’s two children are adopted also fed the gay flames.

Katie was a self-proclaimed virgin, so if she looks like she’s being rogered properly it may be because she has nothing else to compare it to … “Tom, you’re so much more experienced than I am, if you say we are supposed to use a turkey baster, then I believe you.”


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I’d have to agree…if he were merely gay, he’d be much better adjusted. He’s batshit insane, which probably extends into his unimaginably weird sex life.

Take this for what it is worth:

A close friend of mine who lives in LA has told me the story of the big lawsuit. According to my friend, who does not have a tendency to lie or exaggerate, Tom and Joe (not real name) had had an affair for quite some time. I had heard this quite awhile back as Joe is a fairly close friend of my friend. At any rate, the affair had sort of ended, but Tom and Joe remained friends. Then Joe had a guy over to his place and somehow, a few photos were stolen from Joe’s bedroom. These photos were also put on the market but before they were published, the big lawsuit hit. Joe tried to apologize but it was too little, too late for Tom and so Joe signed all kinds of papers to deny any affair and discredit the photos, thus ensuring they would never get legally published. Tom no longer speaks to, nor has any contact with Joe.

So - if you believe my friend, and I do, Tom has at least had one long term Gay affair.

Is Joe your friend and therefore first had knowledge (for you) or someone your friend knows.

I think he is just an average guy at odds with his Thetans.

Quite honestly, I get the feeling he’s asexual. He’s far too tightly wound and way too much of a control freak to relax and enjoy sex or whatever.

Unless he’s watching Battlefield Earth.

(And frankly, I don’t think it’s far to the gay community to lump Tom Cruise in with them. Haven’t they suffered enough?) :wink:

Maybe it wasn’t clear, but “Joe” is a close friend of my friend…so, yeah - this is a “friend of a friend story”…but as mentioned, I heard of it long before it became a lawsuit, and the fact that the names in the lawsuit were the same as I had heard before - plus the fact that my friend has been in the industry too long to have to fabricate stories…well, I consider it as fact. But as I mentioned at the beginning…take it for what it is worth.

I suppose that some of the reasons people think Cruise is gay aren’t very good, and in the same way, the thoughts in the OP doesn’t strike me as good reasons to think he’s straight.

I think Tom’s just searching for someone who can love him as much as he loves himself. It’s been a tough project.

So how do we know that Katie isn’t being banged by someone else other than Tom?