Movie slogans I'd like to see

“An imaginable evil”
“An often told story.”
“Based on a true story… sort of.”
“They had plenty of time.”
“Soon to be a minor motion picture.”
"Shown only once in a theater in the middle of the Gobi desert.’
“If this movie isn’t playing in your city you obviously live in a Podunk town in the boonies.”
“Some doors were meant to be opened” *

*I think that this should have been the slogan for The Chronicles Of Narnia

In his book Movie Megacheese, MST3K’s Mike Nelson played on Volcano’s now-famous tagline “The Coast is Toast.*” He came up with a number of other ideas for taglines for possible disaster movies, including one for a disaster film set in Denver. “Colorado, Rocky Mountain DIE.” I would love to see a real movie use that tagline.

*“It looks more like ‘The Volcano is Drano.’”- Roger Ebert

Although this isn’t really a tagline per se, many films show how long they have been running in their print ads, i.e. “Second smash week!” I’d like to see a movie that lists how many days it’s been playing. But I like silly ads like that. I think there was a print ad for Goldmember which poked fun at the idea of films that aren’t the highest grossing movie pointing out they are the #1 comedy/date movie/family movie what have you with a caption to the effect of “#1 Movie in America [sub]starring a Canadian ex-SNL cast member that’s also a sequel[/sub].”

Snakes! On a PLANE!!!

Damn you, kunilou!

I opened this thread specifically to post just that!

The book they said couldn’t be written becomes the movie thay said couldn’t be made!

“If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you missed your chance.”

“Banned in North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Toledo”

“Featuring Keanu Reeves in his final performance.”

“Remember when Jessica Alba swore she’d never do a nude scene…?”

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Now With Pirate Cthulhu!”

Nothing but partial nudity, and some monsters slashing and bashing each other for two hours. C’mon, it’s a three-day weekend, and it’s the middle of July. You really want to spend all your free time watching Fellini?