Movie title?

Can anyone remember a very famous comedy movie, that featured 2 kinky housemaids? They both had foreign accents… I thought it was American Pie, but google tells me no. Please help!

Columbia and Magenta in Rocky Horror Picture Show?

British TV show Allo, allo?

If the OP had stopped halfway through the post, that might make sense, but I can’t imagine anyone confusing RHPS with American Pie.

Pretty sure it wasn’t RHPS. It was an American Pie type comedy. Can’t remember much else about it…

Sex Drive? Pineapple Express? Superbad? Zack and Miri Make a Porno?

When did you see it? I mean, in the last 5-10 years or 15-20 years ago. I’m just curious if it’s part of the newer generation of teen sex romp movies or one of the older 70’s/80’s ones.

In the last 5 years. I was certain it was American Pie, but google had nuthin. And none of the titles you mentioned sound even vaguely familiar. Driving me crazy :frowning:

Aha! Could it be a Eurotrip movie?

There is a scene in American Wedding where at least one of the strippers hired for Jim’s bachelor party is dressed as a maid (IIRC the other one was a “cop”).

YES! American Wedding! So they were strippers: THAT’S why I remembered them! Thank you!

No prob. I have seen all of those movies way more times than I would care to admit.