Movies you never saw and only remember details from the Mad Magazine Parody

The Redford Great Gatsby…i know zilch about this work except the ending.

From Russia With Love: I know Robert Shaw has a garrote.

Love Story: “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” is a stupid saying. And the end of course.

“The Summer Of '42”

Since you brought up Love Story, the only line I remember is (the reason he was attracted to her): “You have such big . . . glasses” (the original line was “eyes”). Mad also came up with “the Ali McGraw disease” where you become more beautiful the more sick you get.

The Godfather. “Never come up to the tollbooth with just a $20 bill!”

I THINK it was the From Russia With Love parody that had Kreb comparing her fight with Bond like “Brando vs. Lee J Cobb” whereas Bond says, “More like Ms. Kitty vs Matt Dillon”.

I eventually saw the movies, but for years I only knew Mad magazine.

I still refer to the film about the inverted ship as The Poopsidedown Adventure. “What do we get?” “The shaft”.

It took me a number of years until I saw the film I still call 201 Minutes of Space Idiocy. The monlith is a book.

The Sandpiper, or “The Sinpiper”: “Amazing how one hunk of wood can turn a dirty scene into an artistic scene!”

Not movies as such. But more my entire vision of '70’s USA.

-Altered States (“Assaulted States”): I remember the guy getting into a tank of water

-Dressed to Kill (“Undressed to Kill”): I remember a shower scene where they implied a body double was used

-Ordinary People (“Extraordinary People”): I remember a kid talking to a therapist about his brother who drowned

-Popeye (“Flopeye”): I remember the opening scene with a bunch of crazy characters

-The Deep (“The Dip”): I remember they joked about a bunch of gratuitous scenes with a woman in a bikini

Rosemary’s Baby. The baby that horrified everyone turned out to be Alfred E. Neuman.

In my 9th grade English class one book we studied was The Great Gatsby. For whatever reason I didn’t read it; when we had a test on that I was desperately trying to glean anything I could from the Mad satire of the movie. Oddly, I failed that test.

Good thread.

Annie Hall. Never seen it but remember the parody.

Saw the Rocky parody before seeing the movie.

This. The kid is too embarrassed to go into a drug store to buy a (whisper whisper whisper)? And they were so bored, the most exciting thing they could think of to do was go to the corner gas station and watch them changing car tires.

I saw the movie but not the MAD parody. Nevertheless, I can tell you that the MAD parody was probably better.

Please. They joked about Jacqueline Bisset in a thin white t-shirt, not a bikini.

I did later see the movie but I thought 201 min of A SPACE IDIOCY was closer to the mark. So it has always been 2001: A Space Idiocy since.

Their parody of Star Wars.

Yes, I did see the movies. But the MAD parody got this part right: (I am paraphrasing the words as best I can from memory)

Obi-wan and Yoda are discussing what to do with the new-born Luke. They agree to send him back to live on Tatooine. Yoda adds: “Yes, and to keep him even safer, we’ll send him to live with his uncle and we won’t even change his name.”

I read the Mad parody before I saw the movie. When I saw the movie, I had to conclude that the Mad parody was better.

Papillon (“Poppycorn”):

“So now that you’ve been put through hell for trying to escape, what are you going to do?”
“Try to escape!”

“Blue-Eyed Kook,” aka Cool Hand Luke. Something about eating a lot of hardboiled eggs. I think I read it some years after the movie and parody came out, so for the longest time had no idea what the movie was.