Movies you never saw and only remember details from the Mad Magazine Parody

This one. Mom was always making them wash their hands, so the brothers’ hands were too slippery with soap to hold on when the boat capsized. I assume that makes about as much sense as the actual movie, if it’s one of those psychoanalyst films where everything is all better after the big reveal. Never did see it.

The Guns of Minestrone (Navarone) - I’d read the original book but never bothered with the film.

That’s one of mine. Also:

(I’ve seen bits of each.)
A Clockwork Orange
(I need to see more movies.)

I’m wondering if The French Connection is truly as confusing as is implied in the MAD parody “What’s The Connection?”

More votes here for The Great Gatsby, Love Story, and The Godfather.

Also The Way We Were (I remember a panel in which they going to a costume party where everyone was supposed to dress up as a Marx Brother, and Barbra Streisand went as Karl Marx – apparently a reference to the character in the movie being a Marxist), Billy Jack, and Death Wish.

Oops, never mind

It’s a really good movie. You should watch it.

Here’s a MAD movie parody you didn’t see: According to an interview I once read with one of the MAD Magazine big-wigs (William Gaines?), he said they would no way no how ever do a parody of Schindler’s List.

They might have been “the usual gang of idiots”, but they had principals.

Poopsidedown Adventure, I think I remember a joke about “having to go up to get down to the top of the bottom of the ship?”

And its funny, even if I havent read the story, I can still picture panels in a “Mort Drucker style”

Outland (with Sean Connery) which I think was called Outlawed.

Apparently there’s a scene where a bad guy throws a baggy of drugs into a boiling soup pot and Sean Connery has to grab the baggy out of the boiling water with his bare hands to save the evidence.

Mad totally brings up the most obvious flaw with that plan, “Why didn’t you just knock the boiling pot over and grab the baggy off the ground instead?”

That was Oddjob’s comment during the Fort Knox vault fight in “Goldfinger”.

“Tell me, why are we calling them (whisper whisper whisper)?”
“The editor of this magazine isn’t as gutsy as he thought!”

Always and forever The Poopsidedown Adventure.

There was a similar thread a couple of years ago, for what it’s worth.

Can’t really remember and my MADs are in storage so I can’t check, but several Bond-movies were there as I’ve only seen the ones with Sean Connery. Except that after I’ve read Jaws parody a friend of mine showed it on video and IMHO the parody was better.

I’ve never seen Love Story nor Great Gatsby, so those are on the list. Fantastic Voyage must be there also as I’ve not seen it either.

Boob and Carnal and Tad and Alas.

The Bunch

The Agony and the Agony

Plus a bunch of others already mentioned.

there’s a nice list of Mad Movie spoofs here, if anyone wants to refresh their memory.

Around 1994, they published a caricature of Steven Spielberg in a T-shirt bearing the words “SCHINDLER’S PARK.”

What was the movie where a guy was engaged to a schleppy girl, but then saw some gorgeous wasp-y girl and fell in love with her instead? There was then an uncomfortable scene of him trying to explain to wasp-y girl’s dad (Eddie Albert) why the two of them should get married.

I remember the one panel of the guy having lunch with his fiancee, and he was grossed out by the way she ate. Her line (paraphrasing): “How can anyone believe we’ve been engaged for awhile, yet this is the first time you’ve seen me eat?”

I never watched the movie, but I have seen glimpses of it while channel-surfing, and could recognize it instantly due to having read the MAD parody.

The Heartbreak Kid 1972

Every musical parody written by Frank Jacobs. I didn’t know what The Mikado was until years after I read a parody of the Nixon administration. Spiro Agnew had a little list. Pat Nixon and Nixon’s DILs sang “Three Little Nixon Wives.” J. Edgar Hoover sang “I am the Very Model of a Modern Criminologist.”

It’s weird that this was the first that came to mind for me and presumably you. Must have been a hell of a parody. Does anyone who didn’t read the parody even remember the movie?