Mad Magazine movie and TV parody titles - Name some from memory


The Oddfather
Five Easy Pages


Little House Oh So Dreary
Makeus Sickby, MD
One Dame at a Time

(I thought I could come up with a lot more)

Crymore vs Crymore

Botch Casually and The Somedunce Kid

MAS*Huga (didn’t get that when I was a kid)
Star Roars
Midnight Wowboy
The Way We Bore

The only thing that instantly comes to mind are the Star Bleeech movies.

Was Star Wars Star Bores?

The Poop-side-down Adventure

The Shiner

The Mary Tailor-Made Show
The Sound of Money
The Guru of Ours (The Wizard of Oz)


The Man From A.U.N.T.I.E.

Dr. Killjoy

Ben Casehistory

Hope I’m in time with this, I’ve had to replace a couple already. Oddfather was also the very first one that sprang to my mind (that’s not one I had to replace, I did read the thread).

Here are some more movies:

What’s the Connection?
Undressed to Kill
201 Minutes of a Space Idiocy
Crazy Fists (a spoof of Golden Boy, back before they worried about similarity of titles)

And TV shows:

The Six Million Dollars, Man
Gall in the Family Fare
Reality Street

The last one may be slightly off, but that was the thrust of it.

I was aiming for five of each, but I don’t want to be ninjaed again.

Bananaz for Bonanza because the Cartrights hung together like a bunch of them.

East Side Story: A parody of West Side Story featuring the tough gangs that hung out at the UN on the east side.

When you’re a Red,
You’re a Red all the way
From your first party purge
To your last power play

Voyage to See What’s on the Bottom

The Sinpiper


Twelve O’Crocked High

Rat Packtrol


How Are Ya, Five-O?

Perry Masonmint

Hokum’s Heroes

Genteel Ben

Familiar Affair


Why Spy?

The Life of Your Run

The Putrid Family

Loused Up in Space

The Nurtzes

Mr Nudnik

Star Bleccch

Mission: Ridiculous


It Takes a Crook



For Your Thighs Only

Where Eagles Fare

Star Blecch.

Hoo Boy Columbus.

“Highway to Heaving”
I have never seen Highway to Heaven but, after seeing that Margie Impert was in 6 of its episodes, I (too?) easily remembered her 29-year-old body in a wetsuit.

The Iron Horselaff

Honey Waste


The Rifle, Man

A Crock o’ :BLEEP: Now

The A Team


One of the few shows to have two satires in MAD. The second was MUS*H.

Three. There was also one titled MISH-MOSH**. (I think that one was the movie.)