Mad Magazine movie and TV parody titles - Name some from memory

Just remembered “Rockhead.”
I assume they did I through IV.

I knew that was in there somewhere. MUS*H was specifically for the finale.

I had to look up the exact title, but I remember thinking that ***Abominal House *** was much less funny than the actual movie.

The Ecch-orcist
The Hunger Pains (starring Katfood Aspercreme)
Heaving Can Wait

Mannix was another one with two satires: Maneccch in the first season, when he worked for “Interteccch” (Bruce Geller’s original concept), and Manic after he struck out “on his own” as a run-of-the-mill PI.

Guess Who’s Throwing Up Dinner?

I am an originalist:


Mickey Rodent

Shermlock Shomes in The Hound of The Basketballs

I remember a letter from a reader in the issue after the movie satire:

MASH*** was a SMASH. But your satire of it was TRASH.

Sparkplug and Clutch

Mishmosh: Implausible
Judge Dreck

Little Starlings


The Dulltons

Lizzie (The iteration with June Lockhart.)

The Invasioners

Blue-Eyed Kook

The Towering Sterno.

Some of these may have been named already. What, me worry?

The Oddfather Part, Too.

Quandry Heap.

The Crockford Files.

Land of the Giant Bores.



The Foul and the Prissycat.

Bleak For the Future.

The Planet That Went Ape.

Star Blecch: The Next Degradation.

Star Blecch: Deep Space Swine.

Star Blecch: Voyeur.

Star Roars.

Star Roars: The Empire Strikes Out.

Star Roars: The Rehash of the Jet-eye.

Star Roars Epic Load I: The Fan-Dumb Megamess.

Raiders of a Lost Art

Inbanana Jones and the Temple of Goons.

Inbanana Jones and His Last Crude Days.

QT: The Quasiterrestrial.

Swill Street Blues.

Oh, and that show set in a Boston pub: Beers.

Missed the edit window:

Forget Smart!

Then let’s not forget “Hah! Noon!”

And “Superduperman!”

My favorite:
It’s a World World World World Mad