Mad Magazine movie and TV parody titles - Name some from memory

I also remember “The Moronic Woman” and “Throw Up The Academy”, which was a sendoff of a movie they made called “Up The Academy”.

Jurassick Park
Memphis Bull****
Indeterminate Day

What was the King Kong parody starring Doris Day, James Garner, and Dick Van Dyke? It was pretty good.

Most of the Mad movie/TV parodies that I remember have already been mentioned in this thread, except for “My Three Sonny Boys”, a spot-on spoof of the tedious '60’s sit-com, “My Three Sons.” Brilliantly written and illustrated, as usual, by the Mad creatives. I still chuckle at the thought of it <40 years later.

My homageto the influence Mad Magazine had on 50’s, 60’s, 70’s+ youth. Mad Magazine was a game-changer for me and apparently for others, too.

I believe they called it “Jurass-has-had-it Park”.


Welcome Back, Klodder.

Crappy Days.

Lavoine and Shoiley.


Queasy, M. E.

MakeMillion$ and Wife.

Blarney Miller.

He’s Company.

Nut Court.



Surely you mean >40 years later? :dubious: :confused:

The $ound of Money

Gopo Gossum

Owem Marshmallow, Attorney at Law


Kung Fool


A Crockwork Lemon

The New Comedians (Wambaugh parody)

Marathon Mess (Is it safe?)

And “Ping Pong”

McClod (which Dennis Weaver loved)


Cannonball (which William Conrad loved)

Billy Jock

Poppycorn (I think), parody of Papillon

And Marlon Brandi in “The Misery Breaks”

Grr. That’s the only one I could remember.

Boob and Carnal and Tad and Alas

Miracle Center

My era was the 80s, so I remember:

Stuporman ZZZ
Beverly Hills Cop-Out
Henna and her Sickos

And I remember the first time I read the parody of Return of the Jedi. When I read the name “Chubby the Fatt”, I laughed for most of an hour.

The Jazzyslums a The Jeffersons parody.

Cattlecar Galaxica

Reject U.F.O.


Catch-All-22 (Catch-22, of course.)

Boredom-12 (Parody of "Adam 12.)