movies and coincidence

i am looking for movies where coincidence plays a major role in them. if this is too vague, here is a list of the ones i have found: twenty bucks
lock, stock, and two smoking barrels
all kieslowski movies
repo man
short cuts

are there any more?

Pulp Fiction.
Airplane! and Airplane II.
Back to the Future(?).

I guess you’re talking about coincidences occurring often, the sort that move the plot along or make you notice their role.

If you mention Twenty Bucks, might as well mention Slacker.
Night on Earth might qualify too.

Sometimes a single tragic or ironic coincidence underlies the entire story (the ‘want of a nail’ effect). There’s probably a ton of these.

The background story of Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources is one that I can think of.

The Breakfast Club involves a more noticeably contrived coincidence.

Mission Impossible II has a biggie at the end. It just so HAPPENED that a gun was buried in the sand right by his feet…


I suppose that technically this would be a “deus ex machinas” (sp?), but aren’t those just coincidences on a broader scale?

In L.A. Story, Harris and Sara meet up by accident a few times. He rollerskates into her at an art museum, and later they have neighboring hotel rooms without realizing it.

I might disagree with you about Magnolia, though. The characters are all connected in some way, which feels like a coincidence to the audience. But they never find out about it so it doesn’t really play a roll in the plot.

Definitely with Pulp Fiction. Haven’t seen the Airplane films. Back to the Future- yeah…Marty “just so happened” to go back in time to the day the Doc invented time traveling, which happened to be the week of the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, which, wouldn’t you know it, was the same night as the lightening bolt which Marty needs to go back in time. And the lightening bolt has plutonium which they need. Back to the Future II, that also has a lot of coincidences. Hehe.

Um, other movies…Shawshank Redemption(the book too).

I would have to say Run Lola Run. Great movie. Everyone who likes fast action movies with a plot should see it!

It might help to distinguish between coincidence and contrivance. While a movie like Pulp Fiction intentionally revolved around cause-and-effect and the role of coincidence, other movies like Mission Impossible had to survive by resorting to contrivance. It’s the difference between concert-quality violinist Jack Benny slaughtering “Love in Bloom” and a genuine novice doing the same. One does it for effect; the other, because he can’t do any better.

Are you asking about movies that address the role of coincidence, or are you asking for movies so lame that they need to prop themselves up with stupid contrivances?

Quick correction. Lightning bolts don’t have plutonium. What they do have is 1.21 gigawatts of electricity. And the reason Marty went back to the exact date Doc came up with the flux capacitor is because Doc is the one who entered the date in - sentimental reasons, eh? I do think the whole “week before the clock gets hit by lightning” was one biggie, though.

What coincidences were in Shawshank? Andy had planned on making his escape on the night of a storm. He had plenty of time to plan it out.

Kind of strange that the Doc so happened to type that date in? He might have just mentioned it, but no, he actually typed it in.

In Shawshank? how about that not once did any of the guards tear down his posters, or accidentally lean against one? Or that Andy does’t get called up for parole before he finishes digging the tunnel, or that he doesn’t have a roommate who discovers it? (This is more emphasized in the novella…)

The China Syndrome.

A movie about a meltdown at a nuclear power plant. While it was still in its theatrical run, we had the partial meltdown emergency at Three-Mile Island.

Till There Was You
A movie about two people meant for each other who always miss each other by that much.

Forrest Gump
I don’t know if this is coincedence or contrivance. I’m leaning towards contrivance, and if it is, it’s one of the most contrived films in recent history.

Final Destination
This movie seems to be based on malevolent coincedences.

That’s all for now.

No, I’d go with Magnolia. Coincidence isn’t part of the plot, it’s the theme. (Coincidence or fate?) It matter to US that all those people wind up at the same intersection. And let’s not forget Exodus 8:2.

Talking about plot, I don’t know what to name. How many big Hollywood movies get by without some unlikey coincidence (ie contrivance) to move the plot along?

North By Northwest. The story is set in motion by a coincidence causing Cary Grant to be mistakenly recognized as secret agent George Kaplan.

hong kong film, from 2 or 3 years back.


Especially the first one. YOU MUST SEE IT!


My ex loved the movie Hudson Hawk. I was never able to watch the whole thing, but I do recall that one of the scenes involved Bruce Willis having a wild ride on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance. He finally gets thrown around so much he goes down a steep embankment, where the bad guys are waiting for him. How did they know that he was going to show up there??? I think that’s when I walked away from the movie and declared it the stupidest thing I’d ever seen.

<G> Okay okay…I’ll try to get around to it. Ack you know whats weird? I just confused Airplane! w/ Alive. I’m more the type of person who’d see Alive, though i haven’t seen that one either.

Also…Psycho could be interpreted as a coincidence. You know, Marion Crane just happening to show up at the Bates Motel…also I just like any opportunity to mention it. :slight_smile: (Those of you who have seen my sig line know i like it.)

I’m gonna go with contrived. That movie always irks me, I’m disapointed Pulp Fiction lost to it at the Oscars. So I’m not gonna treat it that kindly.

Am I the only one who saw ** Revolving Doors ** where the entire movie was based on the two splits of time line that would happen to a woman if she either caught or missed a train? (Paltrow starred)