Movies, books, shows, games, etc. that makes you respect someone less for liking

Usually, I’m very much in the camp of different strokes for different strokes. Lots of media and entertainment I despise but don’t care if somebody else is into. However, certain things just give me the willies when someone else is a big fan of them, and I never quite view them in the same light again. Such as:

Twilight: Oh dear. If someone holds this up as a Great Romance, I know my relationship (platonic or otherwise) with this person is probably doomed. Trite, disturbing wish fulfillment masturbatory fantasy, written so horribly that I think Dan Brown becomes Shakespeare by comparison.

Metroid: Other M: A game where they turned Samus Aran, strong and silent heroine of the Metroid series, into a strange submissive victim who worships her mental abuser. Not to mention the anime-fication of everything, and the gratuitous shots of her in her skintight outfit - it feels like a really bad fan fiction.

Anyone else? Or am I the only judgmental meathead here? :slight_smile:

I’m kinda judgmental about a few of my facebook friends who post frequently about reality shows.

Insane Clown Posse. It’s one thing if you like them in a guilty pleasure sort of way. But anyone who self-identifies as a Juggalo loses about 50% of their cool points instantly.

Reality shows. This dreck makes me think we’re headed the way of all decadent empires. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

Star Wars prequels

I don’t really know people who read these but I see them on bestsellers lists and it makes me judge humanity: Twilight, Nicholas Sparks type stuff, and that “Heaven is for Real” ridiculousness.

One of the greatest character derailments ever, all we know about Samus in the early games is that she is a respected and badass bounty hunter who just happens to be human and female. She was so much cooler when we had no background info on her, I never even imagined that she spoke english as the games were so far future who knows.

That tantalizing mystery is shot all to hell in the recent games.:smack:

Samus was the female equivalent of The Man With No Name, the mystery is part of the character. I don’t need to see TMWNN’s first love affair, I don’t need to see his relationship with his abusive parents, it just ruins the mystery.

I also kind of judge people who watch reality TV. I shouldn’t, because urban fantasy is one of my favourite genres. If the cover of the book is a picture of a woman in leather pants with a lower back tattoo, I’m pretty much all over it.

But reality TV to me is just pointless people with petty, overinflated dramas. If I wanted to deal with that I’d have actual friends :stuck_out_tongue:

I, in turn, am judged by my reality TV-watching co worker for enjoying Buffy. I guess everyone needs to feel superior about something.

Dan brown books.
Most reality shows - I’m OK with (the existence of fans of) Survivor and Amazing Race and that type of thing, but not the Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Real Housewives of Bumfuck or the like.

The Left Behind series.

Left Behind and Twilight for me too. I still respect friends who like them, but I disregard their book recommendations.

My Twilight loving friend is a foster mom for kids with developmental disabilities. How can I not respect her?

I watch two of the Real Housewives shows, but the attraction is the on-line snarking, not the shows or the women or their lives. If I couldn’t snark, I wouldn’t watch. I suspect that’s the attraction for most fans of reality shows – making fun of them.

If you watch wrestling as anything but highly ritualized theater, or you watch woo-woo shows like “Ghost Hunters” … well, for any reason …

Torture porn. If you liked the first Saw movie, or the first Hostel movie, because you admired the way they went for broke and totally committed to what they were trying to do – I’m okay with that. But if you seek out the endless sequels and imitators and it becomes a regular part of your filmgoing experience, that creeps me out.

It’s not that I respect people less for liking certain things. I have a list a mile long of things of at best questionable quality that I like.
It’s when they don’t understand that it isn’t very good that I lose respect. So if someone says they like “Twilight” because it’s fun - well, de gustibus non disputandum est. But if someone says they think “Twilight” is a good, well written book, then I lose respect for them.

I’m generally “live and let live” with this sort of thing. Justin Beiber gets a bunch of awards and money? More power to him. Rebecca Black manages to turn her YouTube video into a profit machine? I should have been that lucky at her age.

That said, learning that someone is a fan of a certain remake of a certain 1980’s cartoon intended to sell toy ponies to six year old girls does nothing to elevate them in my opinion. Quite the opposite.

People who rhapsodize over the works of Joss Whedon pretty quickly lose my interest.

This. Also Korn, Slipknot, basically the whole nu-metal genre.

In terms of books, I don’t really care, but I do know a group of people who are obsessed with Bukowski and try to emulate his lifestyle, which I think is a bit ridiculous.

We happened to catch the story on TV about Frampton getting back his favorite guitar that was lost in a plane crash 30 years ago. Cool story (g-foo for “frampton guitar npr”).

But they showed a 2-second clip of “Sgt. Pepper’s…” and Very Cool Spouse admitted that she had spent every penny of her babysitting money to see that <deleted> piece of <deleted> 3 or 4 times during the 2 weeks it played. I warned her that I would be filing papers in the morning. :frowning:

I was kind of disrespecting myself for watching Glee, and then it finally got to the straw which broke the camels back: The Michael Jackson episode and I found the solution: Fast Forward through all the songs…

This. I don’t mean reading one once by accident - I read that famous Code one the name of which eludes me at the moment - I mean people who voluntarily read another one, and worse rhapsodise about them too. The guy who recommended The Da Vinci Code (there it is!) to me introduced it as possibly the most significant book of the century. Er, no.

Unfortunately my dad is in this camp too. He is a genius and all, but he doesn’t get the difference between hack writing and literature, and doesn’t care. This is even despite my misguided and condescending attempts to educate him. He also likes Jeffrey Archer.