Movies in the Mail, Canada-style

I love my Netflix subscription, but will soon have to abandon it as I head north to Montreal next month. (So soon? :eek: ) With 3 DVDs in rotation, I sometimes hit 16 a month, with a minimum viewing of 12. In the really low points, I scale back to two disks at a time…

So, fellow Canucks, which of the various DVD mailing schemes would you recommend? DVDHype? Zip? DVDFlix? Cinemail? And why?

We used Zip for a few months; we got rid of it since neither of us actually has time to watch movies.

Basically, you set up a list of movies you’d like to see (they have a very decent selection) and they will send you titles based on availability. You also have the option once or twice a month (depending on your plan) to have a certain title expedited. You’re limited to a set number of titles per month, but you can pay more to get more.

After you have proven you can send movies in when you say you have, then you start to receive new titles as soon as the old ones are sent, instead of when they are received by Zip. You also get set up with new features if you do things like review films on their website.

All-in-all, we used it specifically to see older and more obscure films, since newer films took forever to be sent.

We used DVDFlix last year and it worked a lot like Netflix but the selection was much less wideranging (of course we like pretty strange movies) so that was a bit disappointing. No major complaints, though. I think when we looked into it Zip had a better selection but we thought DVDflix might work faster since we were in Vancouver (I don’t think it helped)-- we might go with Zip next time (although DVDflix had a nice trial membership cheap period).

Why would one service be faster? Are they not national companies with local mailing centres everywhere?

I use Rogers Video Direct, which is affiliated with Zip. The service is fine, good selection, but I was peeved when my 6/month for $18.95 became 5/month. Cheaters :mad: I also use it primarily for weirdo movies that local rental stores don’t carry. I had problems with getting current releases too; then when they asked me to fill in a survey I mentioned that I would rent new flix from my neighborhood (NOT Rogers) store, and Boom! I’m getting Narnias and Syrianas within 3 weeks of their release. I didn’t mention that the local store lost it’s lease and moved across town :wink:

The assumption is that the closer you live to mailing centre, the less time it will take for the films to travel back and forth.
FWIW, our nearest mailing centre was Calgary and most flicks arrived the day before Zip said they would.