Movies predicted from the trailer

I predicted the surprise “twist” of the 2007 Perfect Stranger just from watching the trailer.

She’s the real killer! Because, well, they played up Bruce Willis so hard it was pathetic.

So, what’s your moment of psychic awareness? What did you foresee, using vast mental powers mere mortals cannot fathom?

Event Horizon
Just from the poster alone I could tell that it was going to be a schlocky horror film dressed up in Science Fiction drag. And it was. I finally watched it on TV a few nights ago, and it was every bit as awful as I thought it would be.

What Lies Beneath. The trailer out and out shows what was probably designed to be the most shocking moment in the film (I never bothered watching after that).

Michelle Pfeiffer is possessed by a ghost.

My husband did this with The Village. We saw the trailer in a theatre and he leaned over and said:
“It’s totally just some social experiment and they are really in our world/time. Stupid Shyamalan.”

We didn’t bother seeing the movie after hearing he was 100% right.

Also when I showed him The Usual Suspects for the first time. I remember when I saw it first and was drawn into the “it’s Gabriel Byrne!” theory. He definitely pegged the right person. Stupid good instincts.

I knew that when I saw the trailer of Air Bud, Air Bud was going to shoot a basket and win the big game at the end.

It was obvious from the trailer to The Life Of David Gale that the whole thing was a self-frameup to advance the character’s anti-death-penalty agenda.

Just about every horror movie made in the past two decades.

It wasn’t a twist exactly, but the trailer for S1m0ne impressed me for about five seconds, until it sank in that the real plot would not involve the process of creating a cyber-person, but would instead be a slapstick farce about trying to fool all of the people all of the time. Which would of course suck. It appears that I was right on both counts.

The 2007 movie “Awake”

The trailer revealed that the doctors were trying to kill the guy (which, as Roger Ebert noted in the review, was really stupid), but I also guessed that Jessica Alba was also in on the scheme just from having seen the commercials.