Movies scenes where someone does an exceptionally kind/generous act.

I was wandering through knitting blog land and came across The Happy Box , which led to today’s Burning Question.

Can you think of any scene in a movie where someone does an exceptionally kind or generous act?
I haven’t had enough caffeine yet to even come up with one, but I know I am blocking.

Steel Magnolias:

Sally Field’s character Merlyn donates a kidney to her daughter Julia Roberts, Shelby.

It Could Happen To You

Originally titled:

Cop Gives Waitress $2 Million Tip

Fred Claus?

Love Actually, when Rowan Atkinson distracts airport security so Sam can say goodbye. (At least, as shot; in the original concept it was something else.)

City Lights, when the tramp gets the money and goes to jail for its supposed theft so that the blind flower girl can see again, which leads to one of the most touching scenes in film.

Pay It Forward is essentially a whole movie full of such acts.

Lots and lots in Brewster’s Millions!!

When the Bruce Willis character sacrifices himself to save the world in Armageddon.

In Sense and Sensibility, Elinor Dashwood not only forgives offers her estranged and disinherited lover, Edward Ferrars (Hugh Grant) for breaking her heart, but she also offers him a parish on her friend, Colonel Brandon’s, estate.

Radio where a football coach befriends a friendless retarded young man.

In The Journey of August King, the title character, a struggling farmer in 1815, is coming home from market with his new cow, which represents most of his worldly wealth. For reasons he doesn’t quite understand, he shelters a young runaway slave.

When he learns that the slave-catchers are looking for her with a man and a cow, he actually kills his cow, effectively bankrupting himself. Very powerful scene.

Well, technically it was a book first, but in “A Tale of Two Cities” when Carton

dies in the place of Darnay is pretty much kind/generous.

There’s an unexpectedly touching moment between Shaun and his hated stepfather in Shaun of the Dead which may not be exactly what the OP had in mind but it make me blink in surprise.

In Three Kings, "We’ve got the gold."Not that it was unexpected.

In Crash, the little girl jumps in front of her father to stop him from being shot.

…and jjimm bawls his eyes out.

Oh, God, I was horrified at that scene…I was screaming, “No no no no no no!”

Then you realized what really happened, what the shooter’s daughter did, and you really do start believing in magic cloaks.