Women: has anyone offered to help you out only after you give them a little something something?

I’ve got a personal question for the women on the boards: Have you ever gone to someone for help in a situation, only to have the person say (or imply): “Why, certainly, but only if you blow me/have sex with me/let me have me way with you first”? It seems like a common motif in movies for a helpless, naive woman (not that I think any of you are helpless or naive) to beg a big, strong man for help saving her family/raising money/whatever, he gives her a lecherous grin, and the audience is left to figure it out for themselves. The women’s reactions can range from outraged refusal to teary-eyed acquiescence.

I’m curious how common an occurence this is in real life; I don’t think it’s as prevalent as it might seem, but I could be proven wrong. It’s never happened to me personally, but I wonder what it would take for me to say yes. Also, if you don’t mind telling, what was your reaction to the person’s proposal?

Once, in my darkest moment of helpless despair, I approached Sr. olives and said, ‘‘Please, oh please, my merciful husband, open this jar for me.’’ My heart sank as he leered and growled, ‘‘It will cost you.’’ I’m not proud of what I did, but I was hungry. A woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do.

Serious answer: No, never. On the other hand, I don’t typically throw myself on the mercy of powerful men.

I’ll turn this around and say that I (a man) once had a woman offer to give me a series of something-somethings in return for a particular object of mine she coveted.

This was a totally serious offer. She and I had been physical before, but had become just friends.

I would have taken her up on it, except I needed the money. So I sold it instead. Still not sure that was the right decision…

As part of the turn-around commentary: I had a (fairly plain) woman offer to “suck me until I came blood” if I could help her enough to pass the math portion of a grad-school placement test.

I told her that I didn’t expect payback of that sort.

This has never happened to me. Thank god. Maybe because I’ve never approached a man for help with much of anything… besides ‘can you open this’ or ‘can you help me carry this’. I’ve never needed help desperately from anyone in my life (knock on wood).

I know personally plenty of women who have traded some sort of sexual act for something they want from a man (usually all they have to do is show their boobs). Things like drugs, money, valuable objects, and getting out of speeding tickets. Not something I would ever do, but I think it’s common enough.

Without reading the other replies: no. Never.

Wink wink nudge nudge say no more?

The reverse has happened to me, I’ve been offered sex by ex’s in return for my help with something.

My god was that supposed to sound appealing in any way? I’d turn down a free blow job from Jessica Alba if she put it that way.

Yes. It’s actually a really fucked up story. If you want to know about it, feel free to PM.


Oddly enough, I just rewatched Forrest Gump, and Mrs. Gump (Sally Field), as you may recall, spends the night with an administrator in order to get her son Forrest into a better school.

Now, that’s something I ***have ***experienced . . . and it was not pretty.

Some background: Jose and I used to work in the same factory “back home.” A couple of transfers later, we were working in the same factory again but not our original one. Both were in Spain, but the cultural and geographical differences between the two areas are large enough to miss “the food from back home”.

I asked him to give me a hand taking some boxes out to the trash and he sighed, puffed, and said “it’s goooooooing to cost you.”

I replied “I am NOT cooking for you, dude.”

He laughed, said “you’re so cruel to a man that’s far from home, woman!” and grabbed a box.

Serious instances: no, I haven’t had any.

No, never.

No, never. There are some days when it pays to be an ugly old bird.

It happens once in awhile, but it’s been rare in my experience.

The funniest was when some jerk offered to give me a ride in his airplane in exchange for a blowjob. Had the whole airport lounge screaming with laughter except for the jerk, who couldn’t understand what was so damn funny. One of the guys explained it to him, after which he got really red in the face and stomped out. I don’t think it ever forgave me for being a pilot myself, not that it was any great loss.

If you move down to the 1.5 HP models you dont have that problem.

Never, at least not directly. I’m sure I’ve been in situations where the guy assumed he was going to get something out of the deal beyond friendship, and it feels a little weird on my part when I come to that realization, but for the most part I have never been so low as to need something (money, a kidney) that badly, and most of the men I associate with are class acts.

I have been asked to fuck or suck a dick by random guys’ on the street, though. But I don’t think they were offering anything in exchange except maybe the pleasure of their company.

ETA Broomstick that is priceless!

A little over ten years ago, my boyfriend at the time was in the middle of a bad bout of depression. So bad, that I was worried he might consider suicide. I emailed his best friend, who was also my friend, and told him of my worries. I was so overwrought, I actually forgot to include the point of my email, which was ‘please lock up your guns when he’s over’.

Friend’s response? He was tired of giving me emotional support when I wouldn’t let him have sex with me, so no more crying on his shoulder until he got a little somethin’.

Yeah, that pretty much killed our friendship right there.