Movies that could be improved in a remake

The flip side of this thread.

What movies SHOULD be remade? I’m not talking about movies that were just total crap and a remake couldn’t help but be better. Rather, a movie that was good, or at least ok, for its time, but also had unrealized potential that could be realized today with a bigger budget and/or modern movie-making techniques.

My nominee: Fantastic Voyage. Pretty popular in its day, but certainly not something that

With modern CGI effects (and actors better than Raquel Welch), it could be a really cool movie.

There are a handful of movies that dropped or seriously minimized the gay or lesbian content from their source material that I would be interested to see remade with that included. Not because the original movies were bad, just to see certain romances played out onscreen. The Color Purple, for instance. *Fried Green Tomatoes *(as far as that one goes, I’d like to see someone work in the half of the book about the lives of the black characters, which was left behind altogether when it went to screen). That sort of thing.

I think I heard somewhere that they actually are planning a remake of Fantastic Voyage. Not sure if that is still viable or not.

My nomination is The Wolfen. Not a bad movie, but so little in common with the excellent novel that it just hurt. I’d like to see it remade and follow the frickin’ book. It would also, I think, serve as a great counterpoint to the awfulness of some of the werewolf-themed pics just recently out.

The Phantom Tollbooth

The novel of the movie Fantastic Voyage is significantly different from and (IMHO) superior to the movie.
IMDB indicates that a remake is in development.
Some say James Cameron will be the producer/director.
Asimov wrote the novelization even though he complained that miniaturization of matter was impossible.

Eddie & The Cruisers always struck me as a movie that had a really promising premise but could be (re-)done better.

I’m not sure how exactly it would work given a rocker who “disappeared” in the late 50s / early 60s wouldn’t resurface today, and I don’t know that you could update it with a misunderstood music rebel from 1989… but still it just seems like a solid core for a better telling.

Thought it was interesting that they asked Michael Crichton if he’d ever consider remaking Westworld, and he said “I did. It was called Jurassic Park.”

i was going to start a thread like this myself, but my criteria was slightly different. I think movies that were total crap should be included, if they had a decent idea at the core of them. A remake doesn’t have to follow the original too closely. I’m think of The Fly and The Thing here. Both took cheesy B-movies, and made them into something great, by only taking the good stuff and running with it.
My suggestion for something that would make a great remake is the tv show babylon 5, which was chock full of brilliant ideas, but let down a bit by cheap production, inconsistent acting, and constant changes from the studio. Because of this, it never got the huge mainstream audience is deserved. I’d love to see JMS redevelop the series as a trilogy of movies.

Mind Prey

The TV movie with Eriq La Salle as Lucas Davenport missed everything cool about those wonderful John Sandford books.

I want a big screen version starring James Purefoy

I think Soylent Green could be remade into a better movie, though the original is a classic of screen cheese. Global warming, overfishing, and other environmental concerns have actually increased since the original was made. Resentment over the growing gulf between the rich and everybody else has also spiked since those days what with the implosion of industry and several economic crises that also took place since Charlton Heston’s glory days.
It’d be critical to avoid the much parodied line “soylent green is people!” if one wanted to play it straight. If one was going for more of satirical/blackly comedic tone, not so much.

Interestingly enough, they have remade one of the movies that I thought they could do better - *Clash of the Titans. * The movie industry has come so far in computer graphics, that the whole story would be elevated with the superior technology. Watching the Harry Hamlin version, I remember being disappointed by the crappy graphics (claymation?), which they touted as being state of the art. All those Greek gods and fantastical creatures (e.g. Medusa) just weren’t believable, and it took me right out of the story.


While I’ve enjoyed some of the screen adaptations of this story I haven’t seen one yet that I thought captured the feel of the story. Present day CGI could really help with the worm shots and hiring actors who fit the part and aren’t the popular flavor of the month could make the story stand out. (exception: Linda Hunt still gets to play the Shadout Mapes)

On checking, it looks like somebody is trying to bring it into production for a 2012 release date.

Agreed. I just read the book the movie was based on (Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison) a few months ago and thought at the time that someone should take another stab at it. Especially interesting to see that there was nothing at all in the novel about soylent anything being people (it’s SOY and LENTils, of course - something that hadn’t even occurred to me when I saw the movie).

I’d like to see Citizen Kane remade with the superior young actors of today. I could see Shia Lebouff as Kane, Haley Duff as Susan Alexander, Nick Canon as boss Jim W. Gettys, etc. They’d have to do a lot of rewrites, of course. The inspiration for the new Kane would have to be Donald Trump instead of Hearst. And he would own a multimedia empire of social networking sites, ringtones, and pop music acts instead of a newspaper. Instead of running for office, he’ll try starring in his own reality show.

Philistine. A remake of Kane should mock the greatest director of all time: Orson Welles. It would have to a looser remake, but all the themes could fit in. Maybe get Welles’ script for “The Other Side of the Wind” which may very well be just that. He and his star John Huston didn’t finish it, for lack of financing. Trump is too much of a self-parody to try to make a serious movie out of. Hell, you could even use footage of Welles throughout his life to do this. Start it with the CBS New with Dan Rather report of Welles’ death which showed his body being wheeled out of his house on a covered stretcher with Rather intoning: “Today, death came to Orson Welles, as it comes to all men.” Really, I remember it.

Anyway, I’ll agree on the film to be remade. Citizen Kane.

The Running Man. Mainly it was so far from its book origin as to be a completely different story. Secondly in this day of Reality TV, it would be totally timely. In fact I could see a modified game show based on this show right now. Think American Idol meets COPS.

They could remake Ocean’s Eleven so it doesn’t such so much. Oh wait, they already did.

Totally agree. For the first few days after I’d read the book, walking after dark was a whole lot scarier.

Did you read his reworking of the story (Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain)? Not really a sequel, just telling a similar story without having to hew to the movie’s storyline. He came up with what I thought was a really clever concept behind miniaturization: they were artificially changing Planck’s constant in a limited area. That would allow everything to be a different size in that zone. Unfortunately, it uses a lot of energy.

The coolest part is revealed at the end.[spoiler]The protagonist figures out that Planck’s constant is linked to c. The energy drain of miniaturization comes from altering one constant and not the other. Make one smaller and the other larger and there’s little energy expended. If you shrink a spaceship this way, its tiny mass is easy to accelerate, and it has a different speed limit than the rest of the universe. Cheap, easy FTL.

I will say The Good Doctor should have found some way besides mind-reading to drive the main story.[/spoiler]


Also - The Last Starfighter

That’s been my #1 remake choice for a good twenty years. Arnie’s version was fun, but there’s an insanely good movie waiting to be be made of that novel. Sadly, the ending would have to be changed these days :frowning:

I’d love to see a movie of The Long Walk too, but I’d imagine that I’m pissing into the wind on that one!