Movies that upset you terribly

For me, that would probably be United 93.

In a way, it was a positive and affirming movie attesting to the humanity of man.

But the total pointless destruction and the horror of that day just rocked me to my core.

Se7en by David Fincher. Just offensive on so many levels to me - I felt like Fincher was trying to manipulate me, an audience member, in such a “look - I’m totally fucking with you!” sort of way.

After that, The Game and Alien3, I just basically realized I want nothing to do with this guy - brilliant in his craft, but crafting nothing I want anything to do with. I only saw The Social Network reluctantly - and still don’t like the fact that it was very well done ;):smack:

The Legend of Kasper Hauser.


Funny Games. Then again, that was entirely the point.

The Hangover: Part II

Thought of “United 93” the instant I read the thread title.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m guessing “12 Years a Slave” would be common answer.

Ring of Bright Water, but in my defense I was only 7 when I saw it.

never saw it but Blackhawk Down. As a former Army Huey pilot I don’t think I would be able to sit through it.

Dancer In The Dark

Ugh emotionally manipulative crap that gets the blood boiling.

Hostel. It basically ruined horror movies for me.

**Hostel **for me, too. I thought that something had literally been done to terribly alter my psyche after I watched it. After the first couple of scenes in the castle, I turned my eyes away, and started to make trips out of the room. It took me about 2 days to get it out of my head.

Man on Fire

Sure, Denzel was right, but God…I couldn’t finish watching it.

The Deer Hunter. My knuckles still get white thinking about the last time I watched it, which was probably the time it famously ran uncut on broadcast TV.

I have an HD copy of it still in the wrapper after 3-4 years. (Came with a collection I bought.)

Life Is Beautiful. The father’s ability to minimize the horror of being in a Nazi concentration camp for his son, just seemed to minimize the realities in a way that absolutely infuriated me. And, of course, they emerge unscathed in the end.
And then, to discover that my reaction was apparently quite ideosyncratic, bothered me all the more:confused:
I thought it was the most dishonest piece of tripe I’d ever seen, and the fact that it came from an Italian (Axis power) was the cherry on top.

I never saw it and never wanted to see it for precisely the reasons you state. If that’s idiosyncratic, then just call me an indio.

Never saw it, but didn’t the father die at the end?

They didnt upset me terribly, but 2 movies that creeped me out were ‘Brazil’ and ‘Clockwork Orange’


Atonement. Had nothing redeeming about it.

Last House on the Left.

The original, not the remake.