Movies that you only like parts of

I find that the only part of “Saving Private Ryan” is the masterful hitting the beach on D-Day sequence. It’s tragically awesome. But I really don’t like the set-up of the rest of the movie. I don’t care about Private Ryan - I care a little about Tom Hanks and his crew. But not enough to make me like the rest of the movie.

Any of you find you only like certain parts of some films?

Full Metal Jacket may as well have ran the credits after Private Pyle’s last day of basic training.

Serenity started off really well. Lots of snappy dialogue as they were semi-crashing onto a planet. Then it just … went on. Hey! Where’s the snappy dialogue?

The first time I watched From Dusk til Dawn, I was riveted … right up until that first vampire showed up - I was in severe WTF-land after that.

Both Fried Green Tomatoes and Julie & Julia are better without the contemporary stories. I usually fast forward during those parts

I liked Beetlejuice right up until the point that Beetlejuice appeared.

Stripes should have ended immediately after the graduation ceremony. It would have been the perfect screwball Army comedy.

Then suddenly we’re in Germany with a Winnebago and – wha??? It’s like an inferior sequel began right after the first movie ended.

The Phantom Menace. When Lucas did the ROTJ type ending splitting the story into 3 plot lines you jumped between (Luke & Vader showdown, Han/Leia/Ewok battle, & Lando space battle) he tried the same thing with Phantom (Darth Maul - Jedi showdown, Anakin space battle, Naboo vs. droids surface battle).
Well, at least the Darth Maul part was pretty good.

That never occurred to me before, but you’re right. The movie has a great ending, and then just keeps going.

Lawrence of Arabia – perhaps my favorite movie up through the capture of Aqaba. And then maybe stick around and watch the train derail…and that’s it. Don’t need to see Lawrence’s descent into self-loathing sado-masochism.

Fiddler on the Roof is front-loaded with good stuff, up through the wedding. The 2nd half is just depressing.

I liked most of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon but I am bored to tears by the flashback in the desert

I was coming to past that very thing. :cool:

It’s quite common to hear people mention that they like the middle part of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The ape-men sequence is too mucky, and the hallucinatory flight through hyperspace (and the hotel room coda) are too weird.


I cringe at the Molombos flashback scenes in Airplane. (But they do provide a good chance for a bathroom break.)

All the flashback scenes are kind of dull (except for Ethel Merman, of course. And, I guess, the geezer with the knife-in-back dance. And the fighting girl scouts). I’m also not fond of the ‘fetching Rex Kramer from his house’ scenes.

But the rest of the movie is gold, of course.

In fact we watched this movie at home all the time when I was a kid–and turned it off right after that ceremony.

The scenes with Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider are priceless. The rest of the film is disposable.

“The Princess Bride” gets really slow when they get thru the fire swamp.


And** Top Gun** should run the credits after Goose dies.

The parts of Midnight Cowboy with Dustin Hoffman are pretty good. The stuff with Jon Voight by himself is pretty lame.