Movies that you thought you'd love but wound up hating.

This is the opposite of this thread.

What movies have you seen that you thought going in you’d love but wound up despising? This is a hard one for me to answer as I tend to go into movies with a pretty neutral mindset.
But there is one big example that I can think of:

I thought I’d like Star Wars - Episode II: Attack of the Clones, but I hated it (of course). And before you ask why I thought I’d like Episode II after seeing Episode I, I actually liked Episode I, mostly because Maul made up for the crap. There was no Maul to redeem Episode II.

Terminator salvation - a couple of friends and I were super hyped about this film. Ther was a lotta things to love about it.

We get to see what skynet actually becomes and how humanity fights back and reclaims Earth (or so we thought) and a properly good actor to play John Connor. Hated it. It was basically a 3 hour set-up for the next one.

But then again I can’t really say what happened in the movie, we saw it at the cinema and were so unimpressed we promptly fell asleep.

Saw. All the reviews made it sound interesting and innovative and it was made by 2 Aussie guys. It was pure shit, even though it was better than the lesser shit it spawned. The clever plot twist was entirely predictable. The only useful purpose it served was to allow anyone who saw it to have instant access to the answer to “the worst acting performance of all time?” Cary Elwes.

AI. Great Idea, cool start, but then… gha.

Battlefield Earth. No, I am not making this up.

Need I say more?

Umm, yes.

You need to explain why you thought you were going to like it

Hahaha, I was pretty confident I’d hate it as I walked into the theater.

Aliens 3.

The 2009 version of The Dunwich Horror. Great Lovecraft story? Check. Jeffery Combs? Check. Dean Stockwell (Wilbur Whateley in the original)? Check. I waited over a year to see this, and It. Sucked. Donkey dicks!!

Fuck the SyFy channel, man! They haven’t put any decent movies out since fucking Dune, and that was ten fucking years ago! I was–and still am–pissed off about it.


Empire of the Sun (or whatever it was called). That one made me physically hurt.

Aliens 3

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull I was positively bored by it. I had expected action and special effects, but I thought they’d be something else. After 15 mintes all that noise and movement became totally boring.

Superman Returns. I’ve always been a Superman fanatic and I was absolutely pumped about seeing it, even driving 100 miles to the nearest theater that had Imax 3-D on opening weekend.
But this was not the Supes I had waited so many years to see.
The writing was ho-hum, the acting laughable and whatever potential it might have had. wasted. Kevin Spacey was the only thing that could have possibly redeemed this film, and his meaner rehash of Lex Luthor could have been interesting, but overall the material he was given to work with was just embarrassing. Flooding the world to corner the real estate market. Yeah, that’s never been done before:rolleyes:.
Just sad all around, especially given what the comic books had managed to accomplish over the past decade.
The Star Wars prequels are pretty good examples. I wanted to like the first one so badly that I actually tricked myself into thinking it was good. “Yeah, overall it seemed like a glorified kiddie pic, but it had Darth Maul at the end!” I actually told people to go see it (hangs head in shame).
But then, I didn’t really think much about it again until after I returned to school and I was sitting in a workshop. As an ice breaker we had to name our favorite movies of the past summer. And it hit me that out of a group of about 50 students only one person said The Phantom Menace - kind of odd considering that it’d been the top grossing movie that year. And that’s when I realized that George Lucas had duped us all.

I thought I’d really like Peggy Sue Got Married based on the first five minutes–time travel, Francis Ford Coppola, redoing the past! But the actual movie just felt a bit dull. I kind of thought, is that all there is?

I don’t hate it but Network was a big disappointment. I usually enjoy satirical films and films about the media so given its reputation I thought I would love Network. What disappointed me was how crude and loud the whole film was; practically every few minutes there would be a scene with one of the characters shouting at one another.

Well, that does pretty much sum up cable news these days.

King Kong–I was hoping for him to beat the shit out of Naomi Watts, to just pound her into the earth with his fist, over and over again, until she became dust. And then to do the same to Jack Black.

The Day The Earth Stood Still–The original movie is one of my favorites, but I found the remake confusing and boring.

Indiana Jones Crystal Doohickey–He’s too old, she’s too old, and Chia Pet stinks.

Fargo. Maybe I’d have liked it if I hadn’t been told up, down and sideways that it was OMFG teh bestest movie evar!!!

Some good acting, but the story was for shit.

Aw. I loved Fargo.

Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley. It was too ambitious a project to be done well in 1.5 to 2 hours. But, worse, I thought this characterization of Elizabeth was not true to the way Austen wrote her. Knightley’s Elizabeth was too impertinent and generations ahead of her time. I much preferred the A&E version, which showed a strong-willed lead, but one fully ingrained into society and propriety.

Lost In Translation—I was SO ready for a great movie, and had heard how Bill Murray was acting on a level that was light-years above any of his previous roles—I suppose his acting chops were pretty good, but the movie itself made it impossible for me to care about any of the characters or what they might be going thru on-screen.

A HUGE disappointment, and one of the most over-praised (both critically and popularly) movies that I can ever remember…