Movies today: More ____, please. Less ____, thanks.

More sensible plotlines, please.
Less eye candy, thanks.

More character developement
Less gratuitous violence

sorry, i forgot the “please” and “thank you” (where are my manners) :smiley:

More money for decent writers; less dependence on CG to do with you could do with good writers.

More gratuitous sex, please
Less gratuitous violence, thanks

If you’re going to pander to me, at least get it right

More intelligence and cleverness, please, with more boundary-pushing comedy.
Less CGI in general, please, because it does not often look as good as Hollywood thinks it does. And please, PLEASE, no more wire fights.

Less movies based on TV Shows or Video Games; More movies based on original ideas and perhaps books.

More breasts, beasts, aliens, predators and kung fu please, less standing around and talking thanks.

More steadycam less hyperactivity. And for gods sake have a cut longer than 10 seconds.

More original scripts, fewer sequels.
More movies like Waking Life, fewer movies like Spiceworld.

More movies, fewer videogames.

More Little Movies. Fewer wanna-be blockbusters.

More actors. Fewer stars.

More intelligent comedy. Fewer Feel-Good Movies of the Year.

More female nudity, less male nudity.

More action, less angst.

Hear hear!

More dialogue worth listening to; fewer explosions.

More interesting ideas, ala The Island
Less taking these ideas and turning them into an action film, ala The Island. And many, many, many others.

More Chronicles of Narnia please, less waiting thanks.

fidgets and waits for CoN

More movies that work from tightly written scripts whether they be action adventure, comedy, horror, drama, whatever. Fewer movies that look like the script was written on soggy cocktail napkins in some bar.

More gratuitous female nakedness. And if you’re gonna do gratuitous female nakedness, DO it. Give us long-loving ogles of strippers dancing slowly and sexily, give us long ankle-to-face traverses, etc. Don’t give us these two-second glimpses of some woman in bed just before she gets up and pulls the covers over her body. You want your film to play in fuckin’ Saudi Arabia, film an all-burnoose extra scene or something.

More traditional artistry in makeup, costuming, large period crowds, sets and mechanical effects and innovation. Much less CGI, please.

More movies based on nonsuperhero comics. Fewer superheroes movies, thanks.

More movies with meaningful soundtracks. Less Danny Elfman, please.

More interesting character voice actors. Fewer celebrity voice actors, please.

More black actors from a wider array of international cultural backgrounds than the ghetto dwelling American working class. Fewer thugs, pimps, punks, hoes, tricks, golddiggers, hustlers, heifers, angry black males and baby daddies/mamas please.

More intelligence, less attitude.

More capable adversaries, less cannon fodder.

More steak, less sizzle.