Movies today: More ____, please. Less ____, thanks.

More cowbell, please. Less stupidity, thanks.

More clever, jaw-dropping, didn’t-see-that-coming-but-it-makes-sense-in-the-context-of-the-story twists, please. Less twists just for the sake of throwing in a twist, please.

More penises, fewer boobies.

More plot, less background music.

More ruthless characters.
Less sanctimonious characters.

Speaking of which:

More actors, please.
Less rappers and wrestlers, please.

Ditto, and I’ll add gratuitous sex as well.

More Pixar, less Dreamworks. :slight_smile:


Dammit, decent male nudity in movies is rare enough as it is! We want ours, too!

More science fiction and adventure, please.
Fewer romantic comedies and remakes, thank you.

More Diane Lane. :eek:

Less Brad Pitt. :dubious:

Good thread!

More story lines less naked hairy butt.

More stories as opposed to “concepts” and special effects.

Less contrived romantic interest storylines.Why does every stinking movie have to shoehorn in a compeletely boring and worthless love story that stops the movie dead and adds nothing?