Movies where the MAD SCIENTIST wins?

Pardon my posting, but I had an entertainment related question…

In two previous threads, Movies Where the Bad Guy Wins and Movies where Evil Wins, it was asked-well, you can guess for yourself. My question though, is: How many movies are there where a MAD SCIENTIST, specifically, wins, or at least gets away? The only one I can recall offhand is-

Revenge of Frankenstein, an old Hammer film, where the good doctor evades capture thanks to a brain-transplant and a helpful assistant.

Far too many mad-science films end with a “He tampered in God’s domain, there are some things man was not meant to know” message for my tastes, but surely there are at least a few that DON’T end like that…right?

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Well, the first FRANKENSTEIN movie ends with him marrying the girl and turning his back on the laboratory.

If you mean a movie where the mad scientist actually succeeds in taking over the world, how about Disney’s original THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR with Fred MacMurray as the mad scientist who invented Flubber?he doesn’t quite take over the world, but he does take over the college basketball team.

The Lawnmower Man?

IIRC–and it’s been a long time–they make the retarded guy into a frighteningly intelligent guy–much like a mad scientist-- who goes on to hatch a plot to take over the world. The last scene seemed to indicate that the evil plan was put into action and would have a high probability of success. The hero got away, but, IIRC, had to go on the run. I think there was a sequel that had little to do with this first movie, but I’m not certain.

Or certain episodes of Dexter’s Laboratory.

Back to the Future Trilogy?

Interestingly, mad scientists who invent time travel seem to get off a lot easier than other mad scientists in general. The Time Machine and Time after Time are other examples, as is the TV show Quantum Leap.

How about the movie Jurassic Park, where (unlike the novel) Richard Attenborough’s character gets away at the end? Although I guess he was really more of a “mad financier” or “mad zookeeper,” perhaps. Still, he deserves credit for taking a traditional hubris-laden mad-science idea and running with it. “Let’s recreate the most formidable predators in the history of evolution, and then keep them in enclosures with no physical barriers!” Oh, what a good idea.

Re: BTTF - I always thought that it was neat that Marty’s best friend was a Mad Scientist.

Re-Animator. Sure, in the end, the main maddy appears to be in a horrible spot, but the goody-two-shoes guy steals the formula and resurrects his dead girlfriend. Although I haven’t seen it yet, obviously, the mad scientist lives because there is Bride of Re-Animator.

What about MST3K: The Movie? May we consider that Dr Forrester “won” in that he forced Mike and the bots to sit through another bad movie and they didn’t escape?

How about Mel Brook’s Young Frankenstein?

Although Gene Wilder denies his grandfathers “work” initially, after finding his notes the young Dr. Fredrick Frankenstein goes on to create his own monster.

IIRC, both the Doctor and the Monster get their girl in the end and live happily ever after.

The Invisible Maniac. The invisible mad scientist kills the hero and escapes to continue his killing spree.

Do not watch this movie. Very, very bad.

Back to the Future
Back to the Future 2
Back to the Future 3

How about Dr. Strangelove? (In a way…)

Back to the Future(s) are such good, enjoyable, action packed films, ok so there not the best ever made, but they really did/do have a quality that so many films dont have. I only say this as i recently saw the entire trilogy again on TV.

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La Jetée / Twelve Monkeys

Well, with a name like…

Yes, the BTF movies are outstanding.

Vincent Price in both Abominable Doctor Phibes films.

You folks evidently haven’t seen Spy Kids II, but I’ve got a 5-year-old daughter.