Movies with a Barber Shop scene

I recently saw two movies with barber shop scenes and my brain started spinning that way. Men’s barber shops.

Can you name any movies with memorable barber shop scenes? Haircut or shave, I don’t care.

I haven’t seen it, but I’m guessing Barbershop has a few. Maybe.

Coming to America had a good barber bit; Undercover Brother also.

Barbershop and Barbershop 2 both had barber shop scenes as memory serves.

My favorites include the My-T-Sharp scenes in Coming to America and the opening scene of The Untouchables (in which Capone is receiving a shave from a very nervous barber while conducting a press interview). And while not set in a barber shop, I loved the transformation scene in Cat Ballou in which Kid Shelleen (played by Lee Marvin) goes from derelict fat drunken joke to slick and polished deadeye gunslinger (courtesy in part of a very hot bath and shave scene).

The second Brady Bunch movie had a funny style shop scene (Carol’s makeover).

Charlie Chaplin’s Jewish barber in The Great Dictator (the antithesis of his lookalike, the title character) had several scenes in his shop.

While not set in a barbershop, but The Color Purple had a pretty damned memorable shave scene. :smiley:

Me, Myself and Irene has a two-part barbershop scene. In part 1, the cop Charlie (Jim Carrey) goes into the shop to tell a guy that he needs to move his car, but is sidetracked when a bunch of guys see a woman with huge tits nursing a baby out the window and start ogling her. When Charlie says, “take it easy, guys, she’s a mom,” everyone makes fun of him. Then, to add insult to injury, the guy tosses Charlie the keys and asks HIM to move his car (and the passive, innefectual cop cooperates.)

Then…after Charlie changes into “Hank,” and goes on a rampage through the town getting even with all the people who’ve pissed him off, he gets into the guy’s car and crashes it through the window of the barbershop.

A very funny scene.

Ooh! Ooh! I’ve got one – The Great Ziegfeld has a scene where William Powell (as Florence Ziegfeld) is getting his hair cut while three men are discussing how washed up he is.

He’s so upset by this he leaves without his tie.

The sadly overlooked I Wanna Hold Your Hand has a great scene in which a young boy is about to lose his Beatle haircut at the hands of a terrifying-looking barber (played, IIRC, by one of the film crew, and the eyepatch is real).

The various film adaptations of Sweeney Todd.

Y’know… the demon barber of Fleet Street.

I’m guessing but don’t most “boot camp” movies, whether comedy or drama, show the young men losing their hair?

Full Metal Jacket and Tribes (with Jan Michael Vincent) probably do.

There are several very good scenes in the Coen brothers’ The Man Who Wasn’t There that are set in the barber shop where the main character works, including this dialogue (courtesy of IMDB):

Ed: Frank.
Frank: Huh?
Ed: This hair.
Frank: Yeah.
Ed: You ever wonder about it?
Frank: Whuddya mean?
Ed: I don’t know… How it keeps on coming. It just keeps growing.
Frank: Yeah-lucky for us, huh, pal?
Ed: No, I mean it’s growing, it’s part of us. And we cut it off. And we throw it away.
Frank: Come on, Eddie, you’re gonna scare the kid.
Ed: …I’m gonna take his hair and throw it out in the dirt.
Frank: What the…
Ed: I’m gonna mix it with common house dirt.
Frank: What the hell are you talking about?
Ed: I don’t know. Skip it.

Stripes and Police Academy come to mind.


The IMDB has 54 entries for “barbershop” and 66 for “barber”.

Notable ones include Sunrise, The Gunfighter, Scarface, The Great Dictator, and Bugs Bunny in The Rabbit of Seville.

Hudsucker Proxy

Harpo and Chico are the last two people you want for barbers in Monkey Business.

Does Julie Brown’s “Brand New Girl” song in Earth Girls Are Easy count?

The Godfather II (at least I think was II) - Moe Green gets shot in a barbershop.

I think Clint Eastwood shot somebody from under his clippings drop cloth in one of his westerns.

Moe Green is killed in the first Godfather film, and is shot in the eye while having a massage.