Movies With a Good Twist *Please, no spoilers*

If anyone likes a surprising twist to a movie, it’s me.

So, I nominate - to those who haven’t seen them - Fight Club, Memento, Shutter Island and Seven.

Which movies were you surprised by, in that the trailer didn’t give all of the plot points before?

Cabin in the Woods.

It’s not really a twist, but there’s perhaps the best lead-up and fakeout leading to a serious Oh Shit moment in Silence of the Lambs.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is… one long twist. Another with a very long and complex setup for a hilarious OS moment. Or two.

Not to tell you how to run your thread, but do you think just mentioning that a film *has *a twist is a bit of a spoiler?At least for me, once I know that I spend my time trying to figure out what the twist is. It has ruined many a film for me.
I’ll go ahead and spoiler mine and then if everyone feels it’s not necessary we can proceed accordingly.

The Others

A Tale of Two Sisters (also remade as The Uninvited)

The Ring

The Sixth Sense

Sometimes, the twist is that there is no twist. I think there might have been a thread about that. :slight_smile:

Very possibly the best example of the trope. And proof that everyone has *one *good movie idea in them.

I love a good con movie. And Nine Queens is an excellent con movie. In general, it’s a great genre for twists. Oceans Eleven is also great in this respect, IIRC.

The Usual Suspects

No Way Out

The Spanish Prisoner

I don’t think you can call this a twist movie, they are very open the entire time about what is going on.

**The Last of Sheila


Body Heat
Robocop** (the original, at the very end)

**The Odessa File

The Day of the Jackal** (not that big a twist, again at the very end)

**The Flight of the Phoenix

Rough Cut** (1980)
And, my favorite – a concatenation of twists


(Avoid the “remake” – The Trouble with Charlie – at all costs)

I agree, one of my favorite twists is No Way Out. I just recommend the movie as fun viewing. When I saw it I didn’t know there was a twist and frankly, it was one of the most surprising endings I can remember.

I disagree. The initial twist doesn’t become apparent until a bit into the movie and then the real twist doesn’t become known until much later.

Caught me by surprise.

One reviewer claimed that Black Widow (1987) had a twist at the end. He obviously didn’t know what a good twist was. I don’t call it a twist. Not recommended.

***Primal Fear ***w/ Richard Gere and Ed Norton. So so good.

The Prestige


Good movie too even without the twist. Bonus, you get to see “robot” with a voice just like that of Kevin Spacey (heh).

The bonus feature of how the movie was made is quite interesting too. And for some reason I just love the music that goes with this movie.

Buzzard might be another one. Not so much a twist on the whole movie, but a twist on at what point the twist happens. Kinda depressing movie too.

Dogs of War (1980) has a twist, but I don’t find it satisfying. It’s the last of the movies based on Frederick Forsyth’s origin al troika of thrillers-with-a-twist, the other two being the aforementioned Day of the Jackal and The Odessa File.

A Beautiful Mind had me the whole way through. I figured out the twist in The Crying Game pretty quickly.

The Prestige. Brilliant film.

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