Movies with amazing coincidences

I was watching Demolition Man last night (hey, it has Benjamin Bratt in it, so there) and I was tickled at some of the references they made that today seem almost pre-cognitive.

Of course, they made reference to the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library years before Arnold became governor, and mentioned the Constitutional Amendment that allowed him to run for president even though he wasn’t born in this country. Interestingly enough, Orrin Hatch introduced such an amendment.

Oh, and one of the prisoners in cryo-freeze? Scott Petersen :eek:

Well, it’s not a movie but in his first appearance in Action Comics #1, Superman investigates the murder of a man named Jack Kennedy.

In Like Flint (1967): Flint discovers that a cabal of women have replaced the President with an imposter, and stunned, repeatedly responds, “An actor as President?”

Indeed, Derek…it shall come to pass.


Laugh-In in their “news of the future” segment often had items beginning: "1988, twenty years from now. President Ronald Reagan . . . . " Nailed that one.

When the book Rocket Boys was adapted for the big-screen the producers changed the name to October Sky .

A perfect anagram.

Back to the Future pt. II had Biff get his hands on a sports Almanac. Old Biff hands it to his young self who starts thumbing through. He stops and says something along the lines of “Florida wins the '97 World Series? Yeah, right.”

At the time, 1989, Miami was the biggest city without a MLB team. But they did have one in '92 and it won the World Series in '97. Life imitates art.

It’s TV, but the pilot of The Lone Gunmen involved a conspiracy to ram a 727 into the World Trade Center. (It was, obviously, written some time before 9/11.)

As I remember, there was a little murmuring about the move Wag the Dog, which came out shortly before the U.S. began strikes in Kosovo, during the Clinton sex scandal.

Not quite.

Long story short, Back to the Future II says that the Cubs defeated “Miami” in the 2015 World series. Nothing about 1997, or even the Florida team winning.

I suppose the single most significant and timely coincidence was The China Syndrome, released 13 days before the incident at Three-Mile Island, and the two combined to put the kibosh on America’s nuclear industry, which is a genuine shame.

In the underviewed Wag the Dog, a Hollywood producer is hired to “create” a war to divert attention from a Presidential sex scandal. From IMDB:

Or…Post #7, even?


I smell a conspiracy on that, Ranchoth. Someone call Oliver Stone and find a song about an “old shoe.”

I assume we’re ignoring technology, like the communicators in the 1970s STAR TREK which are now common as cell phones?

Dex, Shatner has a TV movie coming out about Trek fiction and today’s tech. I’ll see if I can find the specifics. (There are a couple of books already out about it.)

The Science of Star Trek AKA I’m Working On That!

They should change the title, tho. Similar thing was done 10 yrs ago.

In *The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! * (1988), Lt. Frank Drebin, played by Leslie Nielsen, thwarts a plot to assassinate the queen of England during the course of a playoff game between the California Angels and the Seattle Mariners to decide the American League West division title. In October 1995, the Mariners won the division by beating the Angels in a one-game playoff.

“There are two things I know to be true. There’s no difference between good flan and bad flan, and there is no war.”


False, says Snopes.

I think we have to ignore technology. I mean, who’s to say someone didn’t watch a movie or TV show and think, “Wow, that would be really cool if it were real” and go out and try to invent it. I’m thinking more of “prophetic” instances in movies and TV shows, like Scott Petersen being an inmate in a 2032 San Angeles cryo-prison.

I do remember an episode in TOS where someone uses a common spray bottle to spritz a poison. It looks very anachronisitic today, but back in the 60s such spray bottles were not common at all.

In the opening of The Big Lebowski, the Dude is writing a check for some piddling amount (to buy milk for his white Russians). In the background there is news coveting the Gulf War 1.0 and the date on the check that he is writing is September 11, 1991. Not sure if it counts, but it was odd.