Movies You Didn't Expect To Make You Cry?

Two things for this thread, the former being the main course. The latter being secondary, as it’s a topic that gets done now and again.

1) Movies that made you cry when you were expecting them to.

Example: Phone Booth makes my eyes tear up, there I said it. In the end when Stu/Colin Farrell “confesses” his sins, gets to me every time and I never thought that movie was going to be one that would make me tear up.

2) Movies that make/made you cry, with a little hint that you just might. Or with full knowledge beforehand that you were likely to have your eyes exude a watery discharge.

Example: I recently watched Requiem For a Dream recently, 'nuff said. I knew beforehand it was about drugs and pretty sad, but apparently I wasn’t in a strong enough emotional state when I watched it because dayum! There was no way I’d be able to pass it off as “something in my eye”. I was crying.

I mostly knew beforehand that I might, so that’s why RFaD doesn’t fall under 1.

I’m pretty sure it was the soundtrack. T’was damn good.

Example 2: God Bless the Child I knew beforehand was probably going to make me (and the other students) cry.

Your turn.

*The Notebook *and Scrooged

Up. And it does it in the first 15 minutes, with hardly any dialog. Pixar’s a bunch of geniuses.

Up is a damn good answer for 1. I had someone spoil it and it does indeed sound like it would make someone teary-eyed.

E.T., which is still the only movie to make me cry (as a type 1).

Unless you count when I realized I had spent money to see Batman And Robin. That’s a different kind of crying.

My first thought was Up, but I see it’s been mentioned.

It’s not a movie, but I definitely teared up playing Cave Story. There’s a moment in the middle–if you’ve played it, you’ll know what I’m talking about–the part

where Curly sacrifices herself and it made me cry the first time I played it.

I hadn’t cried in 12 year until ET broke my reserve, and now I routinely cry at movies and songs.

One that took me by surprise was A Mighty Wind.

Parker Posey hears “Kiss At the End of the Rainbow” come through the dressing room speakers and just sort of stumbles right out the door with Jane Lynch right behind her. They join a small group watching off stage, Lynch holding Posey’s shoulders in almost maternal fashion.

And then I sniffle for the rest of the song.

Another vote for Up. I cried twice, even though I’d been warned about the opening sequence.

WALL-E also did it to me, which I didn’t expect in the least.

Dancer In The Dark

I was warned in advance by my son that this made him cry, in the company of other dudes. But it stars Björk, and her music (which I am not a fan of). I didn’t expect to make it through the movie to begin with.

“Cry” does not even begin to describe the flood of emotional outpouring that ensued after the final scene. I WAILED and BAWLED full force, for at least a half hour. Then I cried. I was a mess for days.

Great movie BTW, even if you don’t care for her music. In this film, with this story, it works.

It’s the only time I’ve seen my father cry, and it was sniffling, not real crying.
(OP, I assume you meant category 1 to be “when you weren’t expecting them to?”?)

The movie I cried the hardest in was The Waterdance, but not at the part I’d expect. It’s when an unsympathetic character goes through some crap and I cried like a baby. Partly because he reminded me of my brother, the big lug.

Toy Story 2. The sequence where Jesse sings “When She Loved Me”, as her owner grows up, and forgets her.


Me too. My 5-year-old was bawling his eyes out, and suddenly I noticed something wet on my own cheek. Whaaa?! What the hell is this?!

You have to admit, WALL-E unresponsive, a mere shadow of his chipper old self, as EVE tries to get a reaction from him was pretty heartbreaking.

Which part are you referring to? I can’t narrow it down, and this is one of my favorite movies. Spoiler it if you like.

When William Forsythe has been banking on suing the driver who hit him, and finds out his mom has hired some lawyer who won’t get them much. The thing he’s been clinging to is gone and he barges outside and has this impotent rage where he just kind of yelling and sort of crying. I know I wasn’t supposed to like him but I felt SO BAD for him!!! That poor guy.

I was totally not expecting to cry at anything in District 9, but the last shot got me teary.

Ohhh, yeah. Same here.

Gets me every time.

I have heard that if you see George Clooney on the street and walk up to him and tell him you saw it in the theaters, he will give you eight dollars.

I still think this song should have won the Oscar instead of the Dylan song.

The end of Pan’s Labyrinth did me in.