Movies You Once Liked That You Now Think Are Awful

I just saw Weird Science for the first time in probably 20 years if not longer. It was on cable and me and my wife were like, “Hey let’s watch this,its a good move.” No it isn’t, it is horrible. It isn’t even good in a nostalgia, “Wow what a bad 80s movie.” kind of way, it just stunk to high heaven. What was I thinking?

What movies that you used to like do you now think are absolutely awful? I don’t mean they aren’t as good as you remember, but are actually bad, bad movies.

Just watched Ghostbusters again after many, many years. It didn’t hold up all that well IMO. I originally saw it as a nine-year-old, so the lines a nine-year-old thought were funny just didn’t seem as funny now.

Other Ramis/Murray movies have aged much better. I feel like this movie did well because everyone was swept up by the hit song, the marketing, the stars, etc.

Saturn 3, and Xtro. Thought they were awesome when I first saw them, now not so much. Even back then I knew Farrah Fawcett couldn’t act, in my defence.

Natural Born Killers seemed a whole lot deeper and more interesting when I was 20ish and it was new. Trying to watch it now, it’s mainly just awful. Robert Downey Jr’s parts are still good for a smirk and it has a couple fun lines but the movie as a whole is just a hot mess and the ‘message’ is about as subtle as a 1960’s educational PSA film.

For me it’s The Magic Christian with Peter Sellers, Ringo Starr, et al. I saw it in my youth and remembered as a funny, crazy movie. I saw it recently on DVD and it was HORRIBLE. I didn’t think any of it was funny.

Couple years back my wife confessed that she had never seen Tron, so we streamed it. Wowzers, it did not age well. It seemed so futuristically awesome to 12 year old me, but now I see how so many computer terms were just jammed in with no real understanding of how they actually work.

I thought Independence Day rocked when I first saw it. After thinking about it afterward, I thought it was about as stupid as can be.

The Fifth Element sucks the sweat off of a dead man’s balls

My friend and I were totally obsessed with The Crow when it came out. I got it on VHS and watched a couple more times in college, in 1997.

Bought it on Blu-Ray last year and omg what a bad movie!! SO BAD!!!

Grudgingly agree that it doesn’t seem as good as it used to. I’m a bit of an Oliver Stone fan but this is not his best. Less-grudgingly agree that Robert Downey Jr is amusing in it, but Tommy Lee Jones is my favourite.

Ghostbusters is awesome. Always was and always will be. :smiley:

Sometimes it’s the soundtrack, not the movie. I still enjoy the story of Ladyhawke, but the soundtrack? Oh, such over synthesized drek!

Oh my, yes. I watched it a bunch of times back in the day and recently tried to re-watch it on Netflix. I don’t think I lasted 45 minutes before giving up.

I adore Alan Parsons, but I have to agree with you after listening to part of the soundtrack recently after not having heard it for many years.

Actually, it’s not that I think it’s horrible: I like it. But it doesn’t go with the movie at all. It sounds like it would be a perfect fit for a mid '90s Japanese RPG, though (something like “Lunar: The Silver Star”).

I agree Ghostbusters is still a fun movie, but then I sort of liked Ghostbusters 2, so what do I know? Independence Day also was sort of goofy, but reasonably entertaining.

I agree about Weird Science though. I saw it a couple of years ago, and was disappointed. I guess that now I’m no longer in the geeky teen virgin demographic, a lot of its charms are lost on me.

When I first saw The Dead Zone, I thought it was awesome.
Then I read the book. The movie seems awful so many years later.

I have no excuse, because I was in my 20’s when I saw it the first time, but I liked Tommy in 1975. I watched it again sometime in the 90’s. What a self indulgent piece of crap.

The talk of soundtracks reminds me that I need to give Natural Born Killers its due for introducing me to Leonard Cohen.

Some Kind of Wonderful, Reality Bites, Singles and Threesome come immediately to mind. I liked them all when they first came out. Now I’m embarrassed to have ever watched them.

Pointbreak, while still a decent movie, is nowhere near as good as i thought it was when i was 15, when it came out

I had fond memories of Strange Brew but then tried re-watching it after many many years…not good.