Movies you watch(ed) when high.?

How about:

You people who suggested Eraserhead ought to reconsider. That flick has all the makings of a Bad Trip. It’s bad enough watching it straight. .

The Gods Must Be Crazy

I recommend being high before reading the linked article.

I think there’s two things here:

  1. Movies which worked really well when watching high. Cult movies, Movies with highly intense scenes. Thinky movies.


  1. Movies you HAVE to be high to enjoy. I’ll say Naked Lunch for that.

Heavy Metal and The Groove Tube, those are the only movies I could ever sit through while high. Pink Floyd’s The Wall especially became a snoozer once I was toasted.


Definitely answering that thread title in the present tense.
Wim Wenders’ The State of Things
ETA: Roger Corman has the coolest cameo in this as an asshole lawyer. And Samuel Fuller as the seen-it-all curmudgeon producer! “Fritz!”

Do lots of enailing then check out Kamikaze '89. People thought Hemmings was hip in Blow Out? Or Oates in Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia? Nah, Rainier Werner Fassbinder’s turn in front of the camera as the ace detective in that suit of his, with trusty sidekick Anton and the Hot Trike - that’s hip, and great for the enailing. Literally colourful characters in this one, like the lady with the huge, shifting background scenery ‘panels’ in her ‘basement’.