moving abroad

A couple days ago I posted this in IMHO. Not much of a response there (a quick thanks though, for those that did chime in), so I thought I would try again here.

To sum it up, I have a 26 year old brother that wants to move abroad. His first choice was the Carribbean, now it seems that he is thinking about Greece.

Any dopers know the scoop on work laws/oppurtunities in either of these places? He wouldn’t be looking for anything professional, just something able to afford subsistence and beer.



Most jobs like you are describing are usually the kind “you have to be there at the right time” to get.
As far as work permits, etc. it depends on who is hiring.
Some smaller places might want to do this “off the books” - and if your brother is just looking for an extended vacation and life experience, that could work out well.
Larger hotel chains and businesses (and cruise ships) usually have the know-how to put through a work permits and whatever other papers are needed, depending on how much they need the employee. Does your brother have something special they need and cannot find locally?
Like I said, jobs like this usually entail being in the right place at the right time - and talking to the right people.
It will, of course, help if your brother is good looking or exotic-looking for the area, maybe has some language skills or some other special talent that will make him stand out among the locals. Another simple trick is to find a local bar or business run by an American, or someone who worked or studied in the States…sometimes they are more inclined to give you a break.

I always told people who wanted to go off to Europe or wherever - have enough money to live WITHOUT working for a month or two - stay put in a place you like and start spreading the word you’re looking for work.

But the biggest secret is this: get off your ass and just do it. Don’t let him sit around mulling over this idea over for the next 3 years.
Plus - with summer vacations and increased tourism right around the corner, he had better start planning now before any cool jobs are long since taken!

Thank you DMark. I think that is the best advice I have gotten so far. It looks like he is planning on going as soon as he gets his passport back, so the idea has definately been mulled over.