Moving an obstacle off the road - is that littering?

This morning I crested a hill in a difficult spot and was very startled by a big box blocking much of my lane, so I pulled over and moved it off the road. It could very easily have caused a head on collision or a car rolling over.

But does that mean I’m taking possession of it and then deserting it there, amounting to littering?

This box was about a meter cube, and very bloody inside and out (I suspect a hunter used it). It would have been pretty difficult and messy to get it into my car, and to knock it down later to fit it into the trash. But it would have been very irresponsible to leave it where it was. What would authorities say?

I don’t know where you are and I don’t know the law there but do you really think any rational legal system would punish you for moving the box out of traffic in the situation you describe? I suspect the biggest risk is that a cop finds you as you are moving the box and assumes that you dumped it rather than merely happened upon it.

I wasn’t asking about a rational legal system, though, I was asking about what we live with. I mean, I can remember when women weren’t allowed to open bank accounts. And I know that today, if your neighbor dumps gasoline into the groundwater and has way less money than you do, in some states the government can take your money to pay for the cleanup. It’s a legal system. It could do all kinds of irrational things. That’s more or less why I’m asking.

The cop misinterpretation thing is certainly another worry.