moving threads

When you need to move threads, which forum-to-forum movement is most common? My WAG would be GQ-CS or GQ-MPSIMS.

With respect to GQ, by far the most common move is GQ>IMHO. Many people ask questions in which they are seeking advice, personal opinions, or anecdotes rather than simple factual answers. Sometimes, although there might be a simple question in the OP (How long can a cat live?), most of the answers end up being anecdotal (My kitty lived to be 21!), so the thread ends up being moved.

After that it’s probably GQ>CS and GQ>Game Room, for factual questions about those categories.

The move from GQ>GD is pretty common as well, for questions with religious, political, or philosophical aspects.

The move from GQ>MPSIMS is not very common. Most GQ OPs do include a question of some sort, so one of the other forums end up being appropriate.

From Cafe Society: People forget there’s a Game Room, so a fair number of threads get moved there. Sometimes people ask about equipment connected with a Cafe Society topic (camera, refrigerator), and I’ll move those to IMHO.

Threads started in MPSIMS can get moved anywhere, if there’s a better fit – don’t even want to guess what’s most common. Game type stuff gets moved to the Game Room; stuff with a strong pop culture component gets moved to Cafe Society; threads seeking advice (as opposed to just venting) get moved to IMHO. All medical and legal questions get moved to IMHO, since after much discussion amongst the mods that’s where we’ve decided they belong (we’re not going to close them, but Caveat Lector, keep in mind that the advice you get may or may not be any good). I’ll occasionally move something to the Pit, but I think Pit to MPSIMS is actually slightly more common. I’ve moved stuff to GQ, GD, and ATMB as well.

No big pattern that I can discern.