Moving threads without comment

This is really more of a curiosity and not a criticism…

Over the years whenever I have seen threads moved from one forum to another there is some sort of explanation from the mods, eg “This doesn’t have a definite answer so I’ll move it (from GQ) to GD”.

For the first time I can remember a thread was moved without comment, namely the “Dear Women video” moved from MPSIMS to GD. Frankly I don’t even recall seeing the little “moved” arrow.

So is this just something common that I have missed in the past?

Nope, that was me screwing up.

Usually I do. In this case, when I moved the thread, I also sent an email to the OP, who’d been complaining about being picked on, that I had done so; I also sent an email letting the GD mods know what I had done. (There’s no automatic notification on the mod loop of forum moves – nor a need for one, most moves are minor housekeeping.) I didn’t realize till about an hour later that I’d failed to post in the thread, which by that time had another slew of posts in it. I figured it would be more confusing to say something then (we can’t insert stuff out of chronological order, even as mods).

Apparently that would have been less confusing.

I apologize for creating that confusion.

Thanks for your quick and candid reply. Good to know my memory isn’t fading just yet!

Please feel free to close this as asked and answered.


You got it.