Moving to Canada - Employment?

My wife and I are considering a move to Canada right now. She’s Canadian, grew up in Newfoundland, so we’re looking at St. John’s. Also Toronto.

I currently work in New York as the word processing manager of a large law firm. I’m pretty tech-savvy, and I’ve also been a trainer at law firms.

Does anyone have any idea what the prospects for employment might be in the above-mentioned cities? Let’s assume I could get a visa or permanent residence by virtue of my marriage to a Canadian.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Hi Saintly - I can’t offer you direct advice, but the following sites may be useful. Both are run by the Canadian Federal Government.

The immigration and job bank sections might be particularly interesting:

General economic and employment information that might be of use:

If either site requires a password, try hockey, **beer **or bacon:wink: