Finding a job in Toronto

So, I’m taking the plunge and moving to Toronto from Connecticut. First up is finding a job. I’m a lawyer in private practice and am working with a recruiter plus trolling all kinds of online job sites. I’m not licensed in Ontario but have submitted the application for evaluation of legal credentials. I’m not in any way, shape, or form committed to practicing law nor do I need a full time job.

Basically, I’m looking for suggestions about job search strategies for Toronto. I don’t want to put too much personal info about my background but will happily respond to PMs. Any suggestions or strategies are VERY welcome.

What other things are you interested in besides lawyering? What other degrees/skills do you have? How many languages do you speak?

(And… welcome!)

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First of all, I am assuming you’ve applied to immigrate and all that stuff. Sadly, they don’t just let you cross the border and work.

Job hunting in Toronto is more or less the same it is in any other big city. The expectations around cover letters and resumes and such aren’t any different, so far as I know.

Toronto is a very, very large city, so bear that in mind as you look around; there are more people in the metro area than in all of Connecticut, and the city is very long from west to east, and Toronto’s traffic is bad even by the standards of big North American cities. You don’t want to find a job in southern Etobicoke and live in Markham.

A very popular Canadian job hunter’s site is I found my job there.

Monster also has many Canadian listings.

There probably is a number of businesses regarding legalitys in the states that would probably love to hear from you.