Moving to Costa Rica! Any dopers live there/do field research there?

I just accepted a position as part of a research team in Costa Rica. I’ll be moving in August to live there for at least a year. As I’ll be working with non-human primates, I’ll spend most of my time tromping around through jungles, but I’ll have 5 days off per month for vacation and I’d like to see as much as the country as possible while I am there.

I’ve already done a search and read through all the past threads on Costa Rica, but most of those were on vacationing there rather than living/working in the jungles.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Yes. Stay off of Isla Nebular. :smiley:

Actually, I’ve got nothing. Good luck though. Sounds like a great adventure, and an excellent reason for going.

Where will you be?

I’ll be stationed in Bagaces, Guanacaste which is near the airport city of Liberia. I am required to leave the country every 3 months due to our visa conditions, so I hope to pop up to Nicaragua and down to Panama as well.

Well, no one as piped up so I can only tell you what I know, which isn’t all that much. The roads in Guanacaste are pretty sketchy, in terms of being rutted/flooded (varying by season). I wouldn’t expect to do much long distance driving away from a major city unless you are quite experienced at “off road” style driving and have 4wheel drive. For getting around on a day to day basis, a 4wheeler (ATV) is more practical than a non4WD car.

Short haul airplanes, like Nature Air can be quite economical - they run sales so get on their mailing list. There’s another puddle jumper airline, I just cant remember the name.

The pacific coast of Guanacaste is known for its surfing. You’ll find a number of American expats in the surf town of Nosara, if you are ever homesick for American company and want to take up the sport. Two brothers from Hawaii run the Safari Surf School there. :slight_smile:

Enjoy! I am jealous!

I’m flying into Liberia airport Friday and am taking a bus to an all inclusive on the Pac Coast. Are there any scams I need to be aware of while finding my shuttle? When you get off the plane at Cancun, you have to run a gauntlet of time share people who try to con you that they are your shuttle guides then trap you into a TS pitch.

Any such scam in Costa Rica.

I seem to recall that Colibri was down in that area - Panama, perhaps.