I'm going to Costa Rica! WOOO HOOO!

After a brief stay in a rehab I came home and started job hunting.

I got a job. A system admin job. In Costa Rica.

I am flying down there on Monday to find a place to live. I come back on Friday to pack and move.

I am sooo looking forward to this job.

I wil be living in San Jose(I think, don’t have the map handy). I’ll be making decent money. and IT’S COSTA RICA!!!


:::Thank you, thank you. Go about your buisness now. Shows over folks…::::: :slight_smile:

Ultra :cool:! Keep in touch with the SDMB.

Awesome. Im incredibly jealous. It is an amazing, amazing place. I’m sure youve had all sorts of tips, so I just want to say, congrats, enjoy it.

I haven’t made all the arrangements yet, but there’s a good chance I’m moving there in September for six months to year (or longer - quien sabe?).

I am sooo envious! You have no idea. I have been trying to convince my wife to move to Costa Rica for a year now. She finally has been warming up to the idea but now we bought a house here.
Enjoy yourself. It is an incredible country.