Moving to Sacramento from Atlanta - seeking advice!

I’ll be passing through Sacramento in late September, if anyone would like to fete my arrival.

My grandparents used to live there, so I want to revisit some of the haunts from my childhood vacations. (No more Nut Tree? sob sniff) And I’m finally going to hike up that mountain at Lake Tahoe that they wouldn’t let me do alone when I was a kid.

Well, actually…it’s still there - er - there again…sort of…

Someone bought the land and reopened it as the “Nut Tree” a few years ago. I haven’t been there since, but it looks like a fairly generic “Power Plaza” from the freeway now. Although I understand they do still have the giant rocking horses :slight_smile:

Actually, looking at their website it appears that it’s more like “The Nut Tree” than I suspected…

Isn’t there a train to San Francisco?

If this was related to the commuting discussion, I believe it is technically possible to get from Sacramento to San Francisco or Silicon Valley. However, it appears to be over two hours one way. Four hours a day is a lot of commuting!

Driver8, have you made the move out to Sac yet? I’m just curious since I just finished it myself. What an experience!

Not yet, although it is looking quite likely that we will next month. Please share your experience!

We visited last weekend and scouted out the areas. Definitely prefer the Midtown area close to the Gold light rail line, although we didn’t find a specific place that met our requirements. We may have to try looking once we have moved, it is a challenge to do long distance.

It looks like a great town and I am sure we can be very happy there. Still working through the apprehension - it is a very big change for us!

A further update: we are definitely moving, and will fly out on 26 September.

I’ll be working from home for my current company, so that is one less thing to have to worry about. Unfortunately I’ll be out of town on business three weeks this months which doesn’t help, but we will survive.

nikonikosuru, you need to tell me about your experience!

We still want to rent in Midtown, or a comparable area with easy access to the Gold light rail line.