Moving to the states - buy a used car in one state while moving to another?

So, to start off, if anyone knows a good website for me to find information about this, I’d love that.

That said, I’ve been living overseas for about 4 years now, and I’m moving to Wyoming (I scored a great deal on some beachfront property there). Anyways, my sister lives in Nevada and is getting ready to move overseas (actually to the country I’m moving out of, we’re basically just acting as an expat tag team at this point).

So, that said, I’m planning to fly to Nevada, buy my sister’s car, and drive it to Wyoming. What sort of stuff do I need to be aware of in regards to the process of this? Is there a lot of paperwork to do in each state? Can I transfer the title from one state to the other after I arrive in Nevada? There would be a car loan involved (two, actually, since my sister’s car isn’t paid off yet, so I’d have to get a loan to pay her loan off, as I understand it)

You can use out of state tags for awhile. The time varies by state. You’ll change the registration when you apply for new tags.
Wyoming car tags…

As far as the title transfer goes, it shouldn’t be a problem. Interstate transfers can be a bit of a bear if you’re transferring to a state that has inspections or emissions checks but I feel pretty confident guessing that Wyoming doesn’t have them. You just have the seller fill out the title per the procedure in their home state, but instead of mailing it in or taking it into the DMV/treasurer/wherever you keep it. Then go get a 15 or 30 or whatever day temporary tag and drive the car home. (Or don’t-- some states don’t issue temporary tags so you just drive around without a plate and present the bill of sale if you get pulled over.) Then you take the title into your local DMV/treasurer/wherever in Wyoming and they’ll know what to do.

The financing will complicate things a bit, but hopefully not impossibly so. Your bank and the seller’s bank will have to figure out the transfer of funds and lien release which often takes them for-freakin’-ever even when the two banks are in the same town, so definitely allow at least a couple of weeks for that.