Mozart L'Opera Rock! (French musical)

I just found out this popular French musical existed two days ago, and I’m delighted with it. As the title suggests, it’s a French rock opera about Mozart. Not serious history by any means, but vibrant – the production values are lavish, the music is enjoyable, and the performers are talented. Basically combine the movie Amadeus, the operatic rock of a band like Queen, and the light-hearted anachronism of A Knight’s Tale in a blender, and you’d get Mozart L’Opera Rock.

There’s plenty of videos of the live stage show on youtube, but I’ll just link to a couple of the official music videos released for songs that have been released as singles. Mozart is played by Mikelangelo Loconte (Italian) and Salieri is played by Florent Mothe (French). Here’s Loconte in Tatoue-moi(Tattoo me) and Mothe in the show-stopper Le bien quit fait mal(The good that hurts).